Its gonna be a looong weekend

Monday Hudson was diagnosed with croup.  Of course last night Porter woke up with the telltale seal bark, and was up for about 2 hours in the middle of the night crying.  No one really got a very good sleep last night, and both the boys were looking terrible this morning so I had to take another day off work.

I’m really hoping to be able to go back tomorrow…. I’m hoping they’re feeling better because being stuck at home with two sick, cranky, whiny boys is not fun.

And on top of all that, Ryan is going out of town tomorrow night until Sunday.  So, it’ll just be me and the boys from Thurs-Sun.  Which wouldn’t be all so bad except for the fact that its been me and the boys home all day… together… in yo face….ALL WEEK.

Needless to say, I’m going to have to find things to do to get out of the house and keep busy.   I think Saturday we’re going to get pumpkins in the morning and possibly over to my co-workers house with Duncan to have a “doggy playdate” with her Goldendoodle Riley.  I’m also doing Mini Sessions Saturday afternoon/early evening, so the boys will be with one of their babysitters.

Friday and Sunday…. no plans yet.  Must get on that.  Because its going to be a loooong weekend.

  1. I hope Mr. Hudson gets better soon! Poor guy! And I MUST know where you got Porter's shirt. Gavin would dig it (and his dad too). p.s. The pic looks great!

  2. This picture of porter I want a 5×7 of and you can get me a colored verticle one of Hudson. Also if possible can I get wallets of the boys as well. Thanks 🙂

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