Wear pink tomorrow



Over 160,000 kids stayed home from school today because of  being bullied.

Too often, bullying goes unreported. Students are often worried about increased teasing and harassment if they do seek help.

In many cases, bullying may even lead to suicide.


According to a recent survey given in Jackson and Hillsdale counties, over 80% of students have witnessed another student get hit, punched or pushed in the last 12 months.

We must care enough to stop bullying.

It costs us NOTHING just to be kind. Think before you speak, and speak up when you see bullying going on.


This Wednesday, October 20th, is NATIONAL BULLYING PREVENTION DAY.

To show their belief that bullying is harmful and dangerous, thousands of students across the nation will be wearing PINK this Wednesday.


Why pink?


In 2007, a freshman boy in a high school in Nova Scotia was being bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school. When two high school seniors, David Shepherd and Travis Price, heard about it, they bought a bunch of pink shirts, handed them out and texted friends to wear pink. The next day, nearly the entire student body was wearing pink to show their support.


SO!  Show your commitment to becoming a bully free high school by wearing pink on Wednesday.  By wearing pink we’ll be letting each other know that bullying is NOT OKAY and will NOT be tolerated.

This is what true Panther Power is all about.


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