Daily Dose of Chaos

9:06pm and I step foot in the door as my “end of the day”.  Well, not so much because my “work night” is just beginning.  I’m running low on endurance and being spread too thin.  I feel ready to break.

Here was my day:

7:20am:  Wake up late.  Shit.  “Need” to be out the door in 40min.  Not going to happen.
8:57am:  Finally herd the boys out the door.
9:20a,: Drop Porter off at his friends house
9:35am: Drop Hudson off at Daycare
9:50am:  Walk into work.  Uhm… an hour and 20 minute late?
3:25pm: Leave work
3:35pm: Pick Porter up at Preschool
3:50pm: Pick Hudson up at Daycare
4:08pm:  Drop boys off at home.  Gather camera equipment and clients file.
4:15pm: Head out the door to Ann Arbor
5:00pm: Arrive at clients house 15 minutes late.
6:00pm: Leave clients house
6:05pm:  Map directions to mall on gps
6:10pm: Wrong Turn
6:15pm:  Wrong Turn
6:25pm: Arrive at mall.  iPhone battery dies.
6:30pm:  Apple store to buy car charger for iPhone
7:00pm:  Browse Von Maur for new jeans (in a ridiculous size), a cute scarf, a new shirt and some Automoblox for the boys (X-mas gifts)
7:40pm:  Leave mall.  DTE: 0 miles.  Pray I make it to gas station
7:45pm:  Get gas.  Call Ryan.  We need toilet paper.
8:20pm:  Meijer. Grocery shopping.
9:06pm: Walk into house for the night.
Put away groceries.
Kiss sleeping boys good night.
Chat with LeeAnn about weekend plans.
10:00pm:  Head to office to tackle final mini session that needs to be proofed this evening.

*SIGH*.  I’m so worn out.  I feel like I’m on a treadmill that’s on 8mph and I can’t slow down or I’ll be flung backwards into the wall.  (On contrary… if I were on a treadmill stuck on 8mph I don’t think I’d have had to purchase the jeans in the size I purchased tonight.  Ick.)

This week has been hell.  Every single night I’ve been up late working.  And every single morning I’ve overslept and had no recollection of ever turning off my alarm or Ryan attempting to wake me up.  And every single morning on my way out the door I’ve contemplated calling into work and just saying there’s no way I can make it in today because my life is too insane.

I am so disgusted with my body right now.  Incredibly disgusted.  And I know I need to TRY to eat a little healthier (although I’ve been eating a 4pt Weight Watchers meal for lunch every day… its literally one soft shell burrito folded in half stuffed cheese, chicken and peppers.  Super low fat.  Also not so super filling.)  What I REALLY need to do is exercise.  I hate taking time away from the boys at night, but when am I supposed to do it… at 5am?  When I don’t get to bed until 1am?

Here’s my “typical” daily schedule… what it “should” be if everything runs smoothly:

6am:  Wake up
7:45:  Leave to drop boys off
8am: Drop Porter off at friends house
8:15:  Drop Hudson off at daycare
8:30: Work
3:20pm: Leave work
3:30pm: Pick Porter up at Preschool
3:45: Pick Hudson up at daycare
4:00:  Home
4:00-5:00:  Play with boys, pick up house from morning tornado, sift through mail etc..
5:30/6: Dinner
6:30/7: Boys in bath
7:30/8: Bedtime
8:00: Pick up from dinner, laundry etc etc
9:00:  Office… work on pictures, correspond with clients, check email, facebook, plug in bookwork (receipts, tax info, mileage etc etc etc etc….).
1am:  Bedtime.

Did I also mention I have a Master’s class starting next Monday??

This month has been insane with photography…I’ve probably taken on too many clients this month but I have a hard time saying no.  And I’ve been trying to stash away money for this Expo (which I’m considering not doing such a bling bling booth and saving my $$…. Not sure the $$ spent will be worth it), as well as save money to pay for that Master’s class that I have a $1400 bill for.  UGHHH.

I wish this ride would just slow down.

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