My email to Porter’s teacher

From: Nicole Barczak
Sent: Thu, October 21, 2010 12:58:01 AM
Subject: Porter’s Homework

Okay… the pumpkin.   So I need to explain, because he’s bringing it in tomorrow and I’ve seen what nice, pretty pumpkins adorn your hallway….
Last night at bedtime I told Porter “We have GOT to get your homework done tomorrow… maybe before we leave in the morning you can spend a little time at the island working on it?”

And he was all worried he wouldn’t have time.  And so he told me “Mom, I’ll do it tomorrow night.”
Well, I literally picked the kids up and dropped them off at home and was in Ann Arbor tonight with a session and running errands and then grocery shopping.  I got home around 9, kids were in bed and I was thinking “Shoot!  I should have asked Ryan to help Porter with his homework.”
Would you believe what I found on the table?  This jagged black piece of paper.  Beside it was the directions for his homework.  Upon further inspection… it was indeed his pumpkin homework.   
I asked Ryan if he helped him do his homework… and I said “Couldn’t you have suggested he use… uhm…. pumpkin colors?”  
And he tells me this….. He was cooking dinner and Porter says “Oh Dad!  I have to get my homework done!”  So in between dinner and Hudson and his dad being over, Ryan notices Porter going to town at the table with his markers.   
This kid did the ENTIRE homework by himself.  Cut it out, colored it and everything.  
SOooooo… it may not be pretty, but it might just be the most independent homework received.  HAHAHAAHAH!
Have a great day!


***Edited to add***
This morning I suggested he add some stickers for a “face”.  He did a pretty good job, didn’t he?

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