meet the barczaks

I married my high-school sweetheart.
We met in English class. where I poked fun at him for being a slow reader. 
It is ironic that I am a teacher now, and work with struggling readers. 
I have attended 3 colleges and changed my major numerous times.
I’m slightly indecisive about big decisions.
I have my Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education.
I’m working on my Masters in Reading.
I’m a terrible procrastinator.
I have a major sweet tooth.
I’ve always wanted 3 kids.

When I had Porter I thought that if I could never conceive again I’d be happy with just one.

Now that I have 2 kids, I can almost see us having 4 kids.
I really want to adopt from China someday… maybe our 4th?  
I have a Type A personality. 
I’m a planner, organized and bossy.
I don’t necessarily think of myself as creative, but I love creating things.
My hobbies: photography, scrapbooking, sewing, house projects, gardening etc.
I’m addicted to my iPhone, Hot Tamales, Facebook, Diet Dr. Pepper and reality tv.  
I’m the owner and photographer for Nicole Barczak Photography. 
I get the heebie jeebies thinking about touching cotton balls or walking in crunchy snow. 
When I was 13 I saved my babysitting money and bought a horse. 
I took care of her on my own, both financially and physically. 
I can’t stand my fingernails to be long.  I keep them clipped really short at all times. 
We have 2 dogs.  One is practically a small horse.
We also have 2 cats and 3 rats. 
The rats were my idea. 
When I was little I wanted to open a homeless shelter.
I’m always running late. 
I love blogging and think everyone should document their life in writing and pictures. 

Porter is our firstborn, our oldest son.  Typical of a firstborn, he is a mover and shaker.  Where he gets his energy I’ll never know.  He is very physical, loves to rough and tumble, is very coordinated and a speedy runner.    He is as strong willed as an old oak tree, independent and driven.  This gives him quite a knack for finding ways around rules. He is wickedly smart, intuitive, observant and has an amazing memory.  He often puzzles us with things he says only to find out later that he is quoting lines from a movie he watched weeks ago.  He has an eye for vehicles and is usually pointing out makes and models of trucks and cars as we drive down the road.  Porter is the bravest boy I know.  He is confident and loyal.  He will stick up for himself or his friends and not scared to stand up to kids much larger than himself.  Preferring to be outside rather than in, you can usually find Porter digging in the sandbox, on his John Deere Gator, driving his trucks over dirt piles or riding his bike at breakneck speeds.  He thinks he’s a rockstar, and quite honestly we do, too. 

Hudson is our baby, our second-born son.  He is sensitive and caring and loves animals of all kinds.  He loves to cuddle and snuggle, and can fold his tiny little body into a perfect snuggle ball.  He has a sweetness about him, with his chirpy little voice, but you can’t be fooled by that.  He can often be moody and demanding.  Usually, he’s pretty easygoing and goes with the flow.  He doesn’t mind playing alone, and can entertain himself for hours with his trucks.  Despite his petite size, he has a ginormous appetite.  Its not uncommon to find him cleaning everyone else’s plates at play dates.  Hudson is such a goofball.  He is silly and comical, and loves to make us laugh.  In the process, he usually ends up cracking himself up, too.  Like most typical younger siblings, Hudson adores his big brother and loves to follow him around.  

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