Bull *crap*

[[Today I am thankful for my 4 year old who keeps me laughing.]]

Monday Porter must have been having a residual sugar rush from Halloween or soemthing because he was such a pill!  He had such an attitude and was being so naughty.  He fell asleep on the way home from preschool and even tolerated me carrying him inside to the couch and continued to sleep until 6pm despite us being our normal noisy family, Hudson playing cars around him and numerous attempts to wake him up.

When he did wake up, the world was against him in his mind.  He was ticked because his monster jacket was in the wash.  Ticked because I asked him to wear a warmer jacket outside.  And then even more ticked that I told him he couldn’t go outside because he said he hated me.  And when I sent him and his tantrum to his room?  That ticked him off even more.

At bedtime, when he was calm and quiet, I said to him, “You had a rough day today, didn’t you?”

He says to me in a pouty voice, “Yeah.  I had a bad day.  I felt like bull shit.

BAHH HAHAHA!   He quickly changed his words and said “I mean bull crap.”  And when asked not to say that he said “I mean I felt like bull poop.”

Yesterday I had a rotten morning and yelled at Porter really loud because he and Hudson were being obnoxious while I was trying to get ready.  On the way to take Hudson to daycare I apologized and said “I’m sorry I yelled at you. I’m just having a rough morning and I’m in a bad day.  Remember how you felt yesterday?  That’s how I feel today.  He says to me “Mom, do you feel like bull poop, too?” 

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