Chaotic bliss… or just plain chaos

[[Today I am thankful for those that can understand and appreciate the chaos in life.]]

No pictures today.  Although pictures would make this post much more hilarious. 

Katie and I met up at the Dahlem Center with the boys this morning.  Right up their alley… wildlife and frogs and turtles and a nature trail.  Except Hudson is 2.  And he’s 2.  Did I mention he’s 2?  And 2 is taking over.  Literally.   

He didn’t sleep well last night… he was up about 3 or 4 times with a horrendous bloody nose.  I mean blood pouring out in drips and soaking his shirt and getting all over his legs and diaper and bed.  Made for a sleepless night for both of us and we were both cranky this morning. 

The world was against Hudson today.  It really was. 

First we didn’t drive the truck.  So Hudson yells at me that he doesn’t WANT to see Katie!  I hate Katie!  He says.  WTF?  

So I ignore.  He’s mad and he’s… 2.  

We get to the end of our road.  God forbid… I turned the wrong frickin’ way!  And he wails on….. “I don’t WANT to go this way!  I want to go THAT WAY!” 

I ignore.  He’s 2.  He’s grumpy.  Frick he is 2.  Terrible 2’s have never been so rotten sounding!
We get to the Dahlem Center and he’s still pissed.  Pissed I pulled in the parking lot and parked.  Pissed we were there.  Pissed we were meeting Katie (poor Katie… she was the brunt of his rage today!). 

 We walked up to the building and walked around this little trail.  Took about 2 minutes and somewhere along the way Hudson got ticked about something and again, he’s screaming.  

Then he didn’t want to go inside the building to see the animals and the gift shop.  Yell yell yell.  Scream, cry, whine. 

Then we went on the nature trail… I’d say maybe MAYBE a half a mile?  Not even.  it was so short.  Halfway through, Hudson wanted me to carry him.  

I told him no.  

Pissed him right off.  So he sits down and pouts.  Nolan tried to convince him to come with us.  I wasn’t playing games.  I left him right there and ignored him.  He finally caught up with us and was just sobbing.  He was having such a rough morning. 

We decided to grab some Mc D’s and head to Betsy Butterfield.  I spread out my quilt that I keep in the van and we all pile on with our lunches.  The boys had wanted chicken nuggets.  That is, until Hudson saw my double cheeseburger.

“Can I have a bite that?” He says.  

“No thanks”  I say

And here we go again…. only this time he throws his face/head into the blanket… smack dab in the middle of my ketchup.  Literally… 3 packets of ketchup mushed on the top of his head.  Niiiice.

Adrian is all over… trying to grab everyone’s food and drinks.  Katie and I are guarding things left and right. 

The kids go play and Nolan comes running over, legs waddling, “Take them off!  I’m all wet!  Hurry and get them off me!”  He had slid down the slide into a puddle.  So Katie takes his pants off, puts his tennis shoes back on and sends him to the playground in his diaper and shirt and tennis shoes.  We were cracking up!
Then Porter… oh my child with naughty words… he’s playing with Donnie and says something like “I’m gonna catch those damn idiots!”  EEEEEKKK!  

So, here we are…. one kid with a ketchup mohawk, one running around in a diaper and shirt, another yelling obscenities.   Niiiice.  

I’m so thankful to have girlfriends who get it.  This chaos that is our life.  You must love it, you must.  

  1. Oh man, I sooo get it!! My morning has been JUST like this today! Sometimes you just have to scream into a pillow and then laugh about all the chaos!

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