Porter and Donnie: EST 2006

I got this idea from Jordan.  Her youngest, Hudson (love that name!) has a playmate who has been his buddy since they were babies.  I thought I’d be cute to look back on Donnie and Porter’s friendship.  
Porter and Donnie have been friends since they were infants.  I think Porter was about 3 weeks old and Donnie 9 weeks old.  It makes me so sad to look back at how tiny they were…. where did my baby go??

2007:  I don’t have 2007 images on my computer… too lazy to go dig through discs 🙂 This is the only one I found on my blog from 2007




  1. OMG!! LOVE IT!! I'm so happy that we are still friends and close enough to have our boys grow up together. Hopefully, one day they will have a close friendship and realize how neat it is to have known someone for as long as they have. So sweet, makes my heart smile! :))

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