Hudson: 28 Months

This little guy is growing up in the blink of an eye.  Every day  I feel like his vocabulary expands, he gains more knowledge about the world around him and he becomes more independent.

Today was a big day for Hudson…. he went potty on the Big Potty!  (this is not something we’ve worked on at home).

Miss Marleen said he came up to her and was nervously fiddling with his fingers in his mouth.  She could tell he had something to say.  She asked him “Hudson, do you have something you want to ask me?”  And he nervously nibbled and fidgeted.  She asked again and he nodded and said “I have to go potty.”

So they went.  And he went!  Poop and Pee!  BOTH!  And HE initiated it!

I’m so proud of him.  We need to get crackin’ on that potty training at home because he is obviously ready.

And then as if to rub it in that he’s getting so big, while I was making dinner he went along his merry way playing play-doh and singing the entire alphabet clear as day, counting to 13 and reciting the months of the year.  Stop it, already!

  1. HOLY CRAP!!!!!!! That's it… Luke needs preschool. :-)))) He can't count… don't get me started on the ABC's and I don't even think he knows what a month of the year is! And POOP in the potty!?!? Don't even get me started on that. Pee is going just fine…. but the pooping is so not! Oh Hudson, you are freakin' adorable………

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