This week

 Last week Porter was sick.  On Tuesday I got a call from his teacher saying he was pale and flushed.  He felt warm when I picked him up and all through the night he was waking up with the chills and just moaning and miserable.  I felt terrible.  Wednesday the poor kid threw up in the morning, had a noticeable case of pinkeye and now I think he has a stye in his eye because one eye is red like blood vessels and has a white dot on the eyeball.  Poor kid.

So, Tuesday and Wednesday we just hung out at home.  There was a LOT of whining and bickering going on between the boys- I’m sure mostly because Porter just didn’t feel well.  Regardless, it was irritating.

Wednesday we had our first snowfall that stuck.  Hudson was pretty amazed… not sure if he just doesn’t remember snow from last year?  He was mad when he touched it and it was cold!  I’m kind of excited that its getting colder.  I don’t love the cold/snow, but I do love having fires inside.  Since the weather has dropped we pretty much have a fire going every night and all weekend long.

Speaking of fireplaces… I’m contemplating painting our fireplace bricks and the ugly insert (that Ryan refuses to take out).  What do you think…. paint bricks or no?
Aaaand… speaking of painting things.  Brick, to be exact… I was inspired by this house makeover and am seriously thinking of painting the brick on the front of our house in the spring.  What do you thin?  Yay?  Nay?  I hate “overhang houses”… like ours. Who ever decided to have the top floor of a house jut out further than the bottom?  SO ugly.  Anyhow, I thought painting the brick might minimize that and also make the house look a little more pleasant and put together.  I also want to add two new light fixtures and expand the front step with bricks (painted, of course!)

This weekend has gone by way too fast.  Yesterday we put up our tree (finally).  I typically try to get the tree and decorations up the weekend of Thanksgiving but that didn’t happen last weekend.  And then today we had wanted to go to a tree farm and pick out a real tree this year but in the end we just ended up putting up our fake tree.  Much easier and its done… the tree is up.  I’m contemplating next year doing a real tree upstairs with my “matchy” decorations and then put the fake tree downstairs in the basement with the bright colorful decor and all the kids’ and vacation ornaments.  
Putting up the tree with these two… uhm… not fun.  Isn’t putting the tree up supposed to be fun??  They were impatient because we couldn’t find the ornament hooks.  I had purchased new ornaments at the end of last year and none of the new ornaments had hooks, of course.  So they had to wait for that (add that to waiting for us to put the tree up and put lights on it).  While we waited for Ryan to find the hooks in the attic, I started getting out our “fun” ornaments… you know, the ones that have special meanings.  And then the boys ended up just fighting over truck ornaments and haphazardly grabbing boxes and newspaper wrapped ornaments from the tote.  Then Porter dumped the entire huge case of ball ornaments (there were probably 50?) onto the floor after I told him not to pick it up and to help me clean up the few that had spilled.  What does he do?  He makes more of a mess.  It was just mass chaos.  I finally told them to get out and I’d finish the tree because they were giving me an anxiety attack.  
They did, however, manage to have some fun in the tree tote… their “boat.”  🙂  

I have some cute videos of Hudson singing songs (I think its adorable because Porter NEVER sang songs for us.  He just recently, after starting preschool at JPS, started singing songs!! I don’t think I heard him sing his ABC’s until he was 4!).  My camcorder came last week so I’ve been trying to play around with it and capture more video of the boys.

Here is Hudson singing ABC’s.  On the potty.  And then a classic example of what my entire past week has been with the boys…. bicker bicker bicker.

This past week I’ve been a project-a-holic.  I have been making some really cute crafts (some inspired… errr.. replicated from Curly Girl), and can’t wait to share pictures.  I think I’ll wait until after the holidays though as the recipients are blog readers!  Needless to say, my basement is a MESS!!  My office is ransacked and has overflowed into the family room area.  I need to spend some time cleaning up and organizing.  I feel like my office is always a mess.

  1. I could see the 1st video but the ABC one it said I needed to be accepted??? I loved Hudson singing though. Especially “Criss Cross”

  2. As always, I love reading your blog. I find myself experiencing the same things (teaching, dealing with two small needy children and a husband, housework, etc). Thanks for sharing your life! I've gotten many ideas and inspirations from you!

  3. This is EXACTLY how Lukas would respond too, if Brady would have interupted him! Lukas does the reactions. ugh!!Besides that.. Awesome job to Hudson! Hes such a cutie and cant believe that he is old enough to know his ABC's!!

  4. the fireplace (hope I am commenting on the right post, ha!) I love the idae of painting them! As for the insert, does it work/do you use it? If you use it, I would look into possibly replacing it or getting some magnetic pieces (brushed nickle, etc) to give it an updated look along with painting it. Love your posts, they give such inspiration 🙂

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