The perfect picture composite

I have a confession.  
I love Photoshop.  
I love Photoshop because it helps me create The Perfect image out of images that might normally be not so perfect.  
For example… late this summer Heather and I took all 4 kids on a little excursion to get a picture of all 4 of them together.  Have you ever tried taking a picture of a 5 year old, a 4 year old and two 2 year olds?  Two of those kids whom are sick to death of the camera and make god-awful whiny faces when forced to sit for 2 seconds?  
Well… needless to say the task wasn’t so successful. 
Enter: Photoshop
I had a couple “possibly good” images.  This one of Porter and Aubri… cute, right?  Well, here’s another confession.  Porter’s head is actually cloned in from a different picture.  Yep.  I had a picture where Aubri looked so cute and Porter looked like butt.  And a picture where Porter looked cute and Aubri looked like butt.  So, I did a little Photoshop wonder and voila!  A great shot of the two of them.  
And then there’s this cute picture of Hudson and Addi.  Cute, right?  Well… another confession.  I did the same thing with this picture as I did with Aubri and Porter’s…. I had a picture where one kid was great and the other not so great looking… made a combination of the two and voila! 

Now here comes the FUN part!  I really wanted a picture of all 4 of them together.  And I didn’t have one.  But, I did have two great pictures with two kids in each.  So… a little Photoshop magic and VOILA!  The perfect picture with all 4 kids looking sweet as ever.  🙂 

  1. I've had to do that with I think about every family Christmas card picture for the past handful of years! ALWAYS get a great one of each person but it's NEVER in the same shot! Photoshop comes in awfully handy!!This years pic was the first time I got a good one without a transplant. I was delighted to find a perfectly usable shot that didn't need to be shopped up at all!Granted it was only the two kids this time, rather than the four of us, but they're usually the hard ones!!

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