Santa Visits Miss Marleen

Every year, Santa Claus comes to Miss Marleen’s house to bring presents to her daycare kids (and their siblings).  Since we began doing this, we don’t go see the “Mall Santa”.  This guy is great!  He’s loud and his HO HO HO’s boom through the house.  He has jingle bells he shakes and magic snow he lets the kids throw up into the air.  He does a wonderful job and is so good with the kids.

Hudson was so funny… he went right up to Santa but wouldn’t say a word.  Just sat there quiet as could be.  Santa kept trying to talk to him and finally says “You MUST be a good little boy. HAHAHAHA!”  and was laughing at him.  So funny!!

Porter had such good manners with Santa and told him Thank You for his gift.

And of course, we had to get a group shot of Miss Marleen and her Munchkins.

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