Blissful, Relaxing Christmas

This Christmas Day was probably the best we’ve ever had.  The boys are at PERFECT ages this year and I just adored their excitement. 
I don’t think the boys woke us up until about 9am.  When we came downstairs, I had put beanbag chairs by the tree (from Ryan and I).  Their stockings were still by the fireplace with their Santa Gifts.  Porter walked into the living room, saw the tree and was like “Oh no, Santa didn’t come!” (because last year Santa left all his gifts by the tree.  Once he realized Santa DID come, he grabbed his stocking so fast and dumped it out on the couch.  He was so excited!  Hudson didn’t realize he had his own stocking so he tried to raid Porter’s at first (which led to a little squabbling… love that its caught on video HAA!).  
We sat back and relaxed and let the boys play with their stocking and Santa gifts.  Ryan put some cinnamon rolls in the oven and got us some orange juice.  
After a little bit, we got the presents from us out and the boys slowly delved into them.  They opened one present at a time and literally played with that present for awhile, not caring that they had others.  We opened a couple presents, had breakfast, let the kids play, the kids opened a few more presents and we just sat back and relaxed.  I don’t think they were done opening their gifts until after noon.  And they each only had I think 5 or 6 presents?  It was very relaxing and enjoyable.  I felt like we just soaked up the morning, the togetherness and the gift giving.  

Hudson, oh sweet boy after my own heart.  He cracked me up all throughout the Christmas festivities (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day).  He was rarely found without chocolate on his face.  Seriously.  I think from Friday morning to Saturday night he had chocolate somewhere on his face at any given time of the day.  His favorite things out of his stocking?  CANDY!  He tried to raid Porter’s stocking candy as well, but only made out with a couple pieces.  He has a sweet tooth just like his mama!

See… chewing candy.  🙂

And there’s Hudson behind us…. opening more candy.

This is funny… but Porter REALLY wanted a GREEN Zhu Zhu hamster.  Luckily, there was one single green hamster left at Target when they were on sale for $6 so I picked one up for each of the boys.  These silly little hamsters were the most played with toy of the morning, I think!

Here is the hat and mittens I made for Hudson out of Porter’s old sweater.  So cute!  Its a little big for Hudson, though.  I’m sure it’ll fit him next winter though.

Dave and my Dad came over for awhile.  My dad and I played golf on the Wii.  He kicked my butt…. I lost interest after the 2nd hole.  

The boys are really into building blocks.  Hudson got some Fisher Price Trio blocks (and Porter got a couple sets of Legos).  They have been building stuff non stop!

In the afternoon, Heather, Aubri and Addi came over and we got the annual “picture” with the 4 kids.

I made these washcloth bath puppets for the boys out of some cheap washcloths from Meijer.  They turned out so cute!

  1. Those puppets are absolutely adorable!Love the pic of the four kids… can't believe they're all so big!!Happy to hear y'all had such a nice holiday! Happy New Year!!

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