So far I’m doing pretty good with my goals. Haha… Maybe because it’s been, what, 3 days into January?

Tonight I got home and did some laundry. I went to Zumba with a client (hmm… Could my class be a write off? lol!). It was so nice to exercise. I do love Zumba. It’s just a matter of getting myself to the class. What I really wanted to do was cuddle up on the couch in front of the fire and eat pizza. I went, though, and added a timer on my iPhone to remind me of class on Mon and Wed nights. 2 nights a week would be a good goal.

After I got home I actually completed a scrapbook page (that makes, Uh, 5 or 6 for this week. I’ve been on a roll lately!).

I have NOT been so good at my bedtime, but it is an improvement considering I was getting to bed around 2am or so last month. I have (another) timer on my phone to remind me to go to bed at 11 and read a book.

Tonight I didn’t get into bed until 12:00 (I took a quick shower before bed) but I DID read! I started Eat, Pray, Love. So far I think I’ll like it. It is separated into 3 “books”, each with 36 stories. The stories flow together, but I like how they are broken into chunks so I don’t feel like I have to read 15 pages if I don have time to do that.

And here I am, blogging. It’s far past my bedtime. Night!

  1. Our doodle had the most ridiculously sensitive stomach! The litest thing would would set his belly off. Vommitting and diarrhea. The entire time we had him it was off and on. I've heard that a lot with doodles.Good luck with the training 🙂

  2. That is so funny he drags out your bras, lol!!Have you ever heard of bell training? It might be a good way for him to tell you when he needs to go out. I don't have the time right now to give you a link or anything, but I'm sure you could Google it. Basically, you have a bell by the door at “paw level.” You start out by jingling it every time you let him out to go potty. Eventually, the dog is supposed to ring the bell himself when he needs to go out. I haven't tried it myself, but we know some people who have done it with their cockapoo and had success.

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