New Christmas Traditions

I found this on The Andersons Blog and had to write them down.  I loved her Christmas traditions!
traditions #1 
each little person gets their own wrapping paper—none of the gifts are marked, and in order to know which gifts are theirs, they have to find a tiny piece of their wrapping paper in the bottom of their stocking.
it’s a little last minute excitement, as they see the gifts, but don’t know which belongs to who 🙂 t
tradition #2:
each kiddo gets 3 gifts (from us):  a WANT, a NEED and a SURPRISE.
tradition #3:
christmas eve—we all open christmas jammies that have already been washed and are ready to put on.  after jammies, the kids get another present which involves books.  so, not only do they get the 3 gifts on christmas morning, but on christmas eve they also get something to WEAR and something to READ.
tradition #4: 
this year, after church service that evening we added a new tradition of eating ice cream sundaes and drinking hot chocolate…all in our new jammers…when we were finished we watched a short christmas movie, then read our books, then off to bed!

  1. I have nothing to add (FAIL!) but I LOVE your ideas and I want to bookmark this post for next year when Grant is old enough to know what is going on a little bit. Funny thing: we always had one of those elf on a shelf guys on our tree growing up but I just thought it was a weird looking ornament! I never knew it had a purpose. Obviously, we didn’t use it for it’s proper purpose.

  2. So funny that you mentioned the Elf on the Shelf! As I was reading this post I was thinking, “I’ve got to tell her about the Elf on the Shelf!” We just got that book yesterday!Fun traditions 🙂

  3. These are all great ideas. I really want to get Dylan his own small tree, and get an ornament each year that symbolizes the year. This year would definitely be a train! He loves trains so much. We always go see the huge train display at the Science Center sometime in December. Also, there is a place with deer that we will go to, that has baby deer you can feed.

  4. Thanks for the ideas…I’m trying to figure out ONE tradition that I”ll follow through on and this gave me some good ideas. You are one ambitious girl!

  5. GREAT POST! I love the Christmas book idea too and that Night before the Night before Christmas book looks so Cute. I think I need to get it for all of my sisters this year.

  6. My Aunt Gail bought the elf. Louie loves it. I can’t believe you have that many Christmas books.I have nothing to add except you have way more motivation than I do. I am still trying to get some motivation to put up our tree.

  7. I love the wrapped book idea! I have nothing to add because I am just here to steal your ideas 🙂 We do the four gift thing after reading it on your blog last year. I am trying to figure out an advent calender tradition. Maybe I will get some “Nicole-like ambition” and make one?

  8. I get so excited for December! I love traditions!!! We also do the books, pj’s, and ornaments every year! I saw some really cute little trees at Walmart… They have a purple and pink tree… Eden and Lily went nutty! Maybe next year! I will share another tradition we do… Every Christmas eve we open Nativity Ornaments and read the Nativity story from the Bible… the kids each place an ornament on the tree while we read the story. We also have a child friendly book of the real story that has pictures. The kids love it!

  9. I LOVE THIS!!! I am definetly going to steal your ideas!!!! What kinds of things do you put in the 24 socks though….I’m not creative enough I guess bc I can’t think of much…I’ll start that one next year! I better work on my collection of xmas books now:)THe only one I would have trouble with is the 4 gift rule….:( hahah Thanks for the ideas!!!

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