Lovey Dove Printables!

There is a blog that shares a “Keep Calm” type printable for each holiday.  She hasn’t made one yet for V-Day so I decided to do a little searching online.  I made my way to Etsy and found a bunch of cute posters I liked and decided to make my own because, well, why buy it if I can make it?  🙂   Anyhow, I thought I’d share these with my readers. You should be able to right click/open them and view them full sized.  Then right click/save them to your computer.  
This first one is a 12×12. 
The rest are 8×10’s

  1. Thanks! I spent like four hours on etsy the other day looking for inspiration, just haven't tackled the photoshop part of it yet.Yay on the WW – keep talking about it, maybe I'll go back someday!

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