Ice Skating

I first took Porter ice skating when he was 2 1/2 and he’s always really enjoyed it.  We’ve been talking about sports and discussing with Porter what type of activities he could play in soon and hockey has always been his number 1 choice.  On Friday the boys and I had a “Mommy Son” day… McD’s and ice skating.  I thought Hudson would be ready to start skating and I wanted to gauge Porter’s interest in ice skating at this point.  
Hudson started out really wobbly… a lot wobblier than Porter ever was.  I was second guessing my decision to bring him… thinking I’d be holding him up most of the time.  Not so.  Within 10 minutes he’d gotten the hang of it and was going all around the ice on his own (with the walker).  Porter was a wild man, zooming here and there, trying to do spin stops and spin around (maybe he should take up figure skating?  HAHA!).  The boys blew me out of the water by skating for the entire hour and a half of open skate.  They did not want to take any breaks and had a little protest when I told them we needed to go.  
Ryan’s co-worker has his son in a Learn to Play program in Chelsea that lets you borrow the hockey equipment (big plus b/c I’d hate to buy it all and find out after one round of lessons that he doesn’t love it).  I also ran into a lady at the ice rink who was there with her son and grandson… her grandson is 5 and he is in the class at the Chelsea rink and he had nothing but wonderful things to say about it.  Completely sold me.  So, we’re going to let Porter start lessons next month.  It should be pretty fun for him… I wouldn’t let him try skating without the walker because he didn’t have a helmet on (he tried once and was trying to skate a million miles an hour and fell and cracked his head on the ice), so he’s really excited to wear gear and go without the walker. 
Speaking of sports, though, I’m trying to decide if we should let him try something else this year as well (they have t-ball, soccer and bitty basket ball available through the rec department and its pretty cheap).  I don’t think he’ll have the attention span for t-ball, and I am thinking basketball will be a little too difficult at 5 years old (maybe not?), so I was leaning toward soccer maybe?  I don’t want to over-schedule him (or us!!) but I want him to try things out to see what he is interested in. 

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