My Monthly Check-In

I think I’m going to try to do a montly check-in to evaluate how things are going with my goals.  So for March, here we go:

    • One of my biggest accomplishments is Weight Watchers.  I have been on WW since January 16 and have lost just a smidge under 10lbs.  The last 3 weeks I’ve been naughty (V-day, P’s birthday, mini-vacay, Ry’s b-day) but I still am down weight on average each week.  4 weeks until Holden Beach and I am hoping to lose another 5lbs or so.
    • I am still off of Zoloft and this is another huge accomplishment.  I give a ton of credit to my therapy sessions and to the Momfulness book I’ve been reading.  I’ve learned so many great new skills and mindful thinking things that help me put things into perspective.
    • I haven’t been reading EVERY night, but a few nights a week for sure.  I’ve also taken my book to work and I lately have been eating lunch in the classroom so sometimes I read my book on lunch. I’ve also been keeping a paper journal for my Momfulness book.  I love it!!
    • I have not yet finished any Blurb Books but I’ve been doign a TON of digital scrapping and just plain putting old pictures (from 2010 thus far) into simple collages to put in my scrapbooks.  In the past month I bet I’ve done close to 40 digi pages/collages!  I’m slowly working my way through 2010 to get all those “extra” pictures into my scrapbooks.  I’m not focusing so much on fancy schmancy scrapbook pages but just getting them printed so my kids can look at them.  I’m still fancy schmancy scrapbooking but only the really important things I want to showcase.
    • That whole mess with my “friend” who wasn’t so much a friend?  I can’t say it is resolved, but I did finally confront her (again) and try to get closure.  I doubt I’ll ever know more of the truth, or know more of what I did to actually have her turn on me after so long but I have to accept that basically I wasn’t liked for who I am and I’m not about to change for anyone.  Slowly, but surely, the anger and hurt is subsiding and my mind is less busy with the “what if’s” and “why’s”.
  • For 2011 so far I am CAUGHT UP on scrapbooking and printing pictures.  This is amazing!  I have been working on my own personal pictures every few days and either printing for my Project Life album, printing digital pages, collages or prints to scrapbook.  It feels GOOOOOD!
  • I have not been so great on exercising.  I fell off the bandwagon a few weeks ago with Zumba and desperately need to get back on.  It falls into that “excuse” category… but I feel its a valid excuse.  I feel guilty after working all day and then coming home for a short while and then leaving to exercise for an hour.  It eats up 2 full nights a week.  I can’t wait for spring so I can take the boys and dogs on walks and fit in some exercise that way.
  • I’ve done great going to church each weekend and find that I really really look forward to it.  I always seem to find things that truly relate to what I’m going through and it is almost therapeutic!

All in all, I feel so much less stressed these past few weeks (months?!).  I have been trying to focus on things that matter, stay mindful of my children’s needs and behaviors and spend time doing things I enjoy and love.   I’m far from perfect (and truthfully will never be perfect, of course!), and this life of mine is far from perfect itsself but it sure is going great!

  1. Did you catch this past Sunday's service? It really “spoke” to me and what is going on in my life right now. It was one of the best services I think Pastor Dave has done.

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