Rough Morning

This morning started out so rotten.  I actually went to bed at a decent time last night (11pm) and anticipated a pretty smooth morning.  Not so.

5am Hudson wakes up with a bloody nose.  I calm him down and clean him up and decide to lay down with him.  Every 10 minutes or so he whines in panic that his nose is bleeding again.  It did start bleeding a couple times but not too bad.  I’m exhausted at this point and I hear Ryan get up for work.  I get Hudson settled down and attempt to crawl back into my bed for half an hour of solid sleep.  

A couple minutes later Hudson is crying again, only he thinks his tears are blood.  Then he insists on seeing the tears in the mirror so I take him into teh bathroom to confirm there is NO blood.  I look like hell.  He asks to go back to bed.  I lay him down and Ryan tells me to go back to sleep in the guest room.  Its getting late and I need to get up anyway so I get in the shower.  Ryan had taken a half hour shower and the hot hot water was gone, so it was only luke warm.  This made me grumpier.

Then Hudson needs to go potty and of course comes in to bug me despite Ryan being upstairs too… I yell for Ryan and he comes in to get him and we snap at eachother.  Then of course Ryan stands in the bathroom waiting for Hudson, with the door open, so I’m not only taking a luke warm shower but the air is also cold.

After my cool shower, Ryan is at work and I figure I can lay down  and get 15 min of sleep before I absolutely have to get up.  I lay down and then the damn dog starts barking downstairs.  Ryan forgot, yet again, to put the bark collar on Duncan b/c he barks when they are put into the mudroom in the morning.  I go downstairs and put the bark collar on him (not very nicely, I might add) and then huff my way back upstairs. 

I feel like hell and am angry and grumpy that I’ve been up, and know that I should already be getting ready for work at this point but my head hurts and I’m exhausted and cranky

What a morning.  I hate mornings. 

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