Mommies Gone Wild

I’m pretty much going to copy Nicki’s post because, well, she said it best and why reinvent the wheel?  

Jane invited us out to Duck lake for a little Mommy Sleepover.  No kids. No husbands.  No responsibilities for one whole night.  Jane brought out fajitas from Los Tres…and we had a slew of junk food and snacks from everyone else….cookies… rice krispie treats… chips and dip….we had tons of snack foods… and even more alcohol.  

I was feeling kind of grumpy on my way out to the lake but by the time I sat down to the table with the laaa-dies my grumpies were gone.  We ate, drank, laughed…. told funny stories… shared our trials (usually our mom trials)…. some people even got crafty…… and the wine, beer, tequila and vodka kept flowing….

At some point…. we decided shots were in order and then… we really got that party started.  🙂 Some of the high points of the night, bullet style:

  • Damn… I should have brought brownies!!!!!!!
  • I can’t believe how much you all swear!
  • Hexies!!!!!!
  • Sadie, did you poop your pants?  Is that poop???
  • Katie and her Sinex
  • Jane pulling down everyone’s pants
  • Jane and her love for the rocking chair
  • Handstands
  • Polar plunge anyone?
  • Nicki putting towels in the dryer cuz I was convinced everyone was gonna die of hypothermia
  • Marlboro Lights in Stephanie’s car…. she drove away in a Huff with free gift!!
  • My sock on the front porch the morning after
  • God Bless America…..
  • If you drop the flag on the floor, you have to burn it!
  • Sunglasses!
  • Write your name on your shot cup!
  • Nicki licked the tequila I spilled off the counter…. waste nothing!
  • Katie pouring the wine in Sadie’s mouth…. over and over again…
  • Flip cup!
  • I’ve lost all ability to take a decent picture…
  • I punching LeeAnn in the face… true friends
  • LeeAnn and I: “I puked and I feel much better!”
  • Katie and my failed attempt to steal the go-kart
  • P-O-T-S!!!!!!!!!
  • Stephanie is almost a nurse!!
  • Can you see my hamburger?

    (Many of these pictures were snagged from Nicki’s blog… thank you Nicki!  I think I was a little too…. tequila’ed to take many pictures! HAHA!)

Good times…. great laughs…. we definitely MUST do it again.  🙂  Some pictures for your laughing pleasure….

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