A breath of confidence. Of contentment. Of life.

Tonight was relieving.  I had texted Ryan during the day to let him know I needed 20 minutes when I got home to get some things crossed off my To Do list.  I’m addicted to my To Do list and for some reason the act of NOT crossing anything off during the day makes me incredibly stressed out.   So, I got home from work, Ry was home so he and the boys played outside while I ordered some client images and entered some invoices and payments into Quickbook (btw… photogs… what bookkeeping program do you use?  QB is on my PC and I am now on a Mac… so I’d like to transfer!)

After I felt my little accomplishments were finished I headed outside, camera in hand, and enjoyed my kids.  We got the hose out and made a muddy mess in the yard, soaked the driveway… the dogs… the kids… the toys…. but they had so much fun.  Dave came over for dinner and we (errr.. Ryan) grilled out chicken, corn on the cob and we had a delissssh dinner.  After dinner the boys and I headed outside for a few more minutes to savor the last bit of warmth before night- and storms- rolled in.

The pink tree in our front yard FINALLY bloomed.  I’ve been anticipating this all spring (ha… can you even call the past month or so spring??) and waiting waiting for the tree to bloom to show me a little hope that it will soon be warm here in Michigan.  I love summer… love fall… I can even love winter.  But spring… oh I hate spring.  I hate the endless transition from snow to warmth, the dragging on and the holding your breath hoping for warmth only to be disappointed with snow and cold rainy days.  Spring sucks.  It is my least favorite season.   Our tree has bloomed…. and I know summer will soon be here.

The boys picked some dandelions for me (and for Linda next door… we chatted for a bit while the boys filled our hands with beautiful dandelion bouquets).  These are the best kind of flowers to receive.  Such a childhood memory I never want to forget. All the while Hudson is streaking around the yard in his undies.  Little monkey butt.  Nothing should surprise our neighbors by now.

Now that I think of it, my accomplishments were not on my To Do list.  No.  They are here… in these moments frozen in time for eternity.  Dandelion bouquets… bike riding… sprinkler hopping… grilling out… family time… savoring the fresh scent of a blossoming tree… chatting with neighbors.  Delighting in my life… celebrating the good.  Yes, I think those are my accomplishments today.





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