Have you seen this video? 

I’ve been paranoid ever since.  I have moles and freckles all over and just worry that, what if… what if I have some kind of skin cancer brewing?  Afterall, it does run in the family.  I just called a dermatologist today and they can’t get me in until August 3rd.  What?  2 months?  Couldn’t I die by then?  I also have this little cyst by my eye that I thought was a pimple but its been there for months.  Its like a hard little ball under my skin.  ick. 

Anyhow… watch the video.  Its worth it.  I’ll definitely be slathering up this summer.  No more sunburns for me.  

  1. Thank you for sharing this Nicole! I have a ton too and need to go get checked every 6 months. Thanks for reminding me to set up an appointment.

  2. i went and had a screening last summer and the dermatologist told me i didn't need to get checked for another 5 years… doesn't that seem wrong? i think i need to go back again soon.

  3. I've been freaked about skin cancer ever since reading 3 different blogs of people who died from melanoma & all were 33 and younger. Seriously scares me to death! I have been severely burned more times than I can count and I'm now starting to see the effects of it on my face (lots & lots of sun damage & dark spots that won't cover with makeup). It is seriously so scary! Sunscreen is so worth it!

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