Spring Sports

Awhile back we had planned to sign Porter up for Learn to Skate lessons at a local ice rink.  However, this was at the beginning of spring and I thought we’d be miserable going to an indoor ice rink when it was just beginning to get nice outside.  

Instead, Porter said he wanted to play t-ball.  I was hesitant to sign him up as I feared t-ball would be too “slow” for him and he’d lose focus (which has happened… more later).  I also signed him up for soccer, thinking (knowing) he’d really like it. 
So, from April 16-March 21 Porter played AYSO soccer on Saturdays.  He really loved it (although complained about actually going to the practice/games he had a blast when he was there).  We will definitely sign him up again this fall when soccer season starts, although we’re going to try out a different program that is run by a local university. 
I do have to say, little kids in soccer uniforms are so darn cute.  

Hudson usually spent the practice/game running around the field with other kids.  Too cute.  
Just after soccer ended, t-ball started up.  Perfect timing.  Porter has surprised me and really likes t-ball.  He does get a little distracted when they’re playing the field (and we’ve seen him countless times sitting down, filling his mitt with dirt or grass haha!)
Despite him writing with his right hand, he’s a lefty when playing ball.  He throws with his left and bats left handed.  Silly boy.  

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