The Rundown

I feel like it has been so long since we were in Silver Lake, but I realized earlier today that it was just Monday when we returned!  This week has felt SO long and drawn out… I guess that is typical in transitioning from working all day to being home.  And throw a vacay in there and I’m all discombobulated.  

I have a borderline migraine today… it started out earlier as an annoying headache.  I haven’t had any pop today so I’m wondering if it is some kind of caffeine withdrawals?  I tried napping this afternoon with the boys… laid down for close to 3 hours but no luck in getting rid of it.  I actually took some Midrin- the medication I have for migraines- but also noticed it expired 5/10.  Its been quite awhile since I’ve suffered from a migraine!  Thank goodness because I’m already feeling jittery and high.

Tuesday I spent most of the day doing laundry.  It ended up being scorching hot (like in the 90’s) and super humid.  Porter had his last t-ball game.  Ryan worked a 15 hour day so the boys and I picked up a Hot n Ready after P’s game and took Ryan dinner.

Wednesday we went to Wal-mart to look for a bike for me (no luck… but I did decide on and JUST ordered the lime green hybrid Schwinn).  We had ColdStone for lunch (mint ice cream with chocolate chip mix in for Porter; blue cotton candy ice cream with m&m mix in for Hudson and cake batter ice cream with snickers mix in for me!) and then we stopped into St. Vincent to pick up a boatload of vintage sheets, and then across the street to The Barber Shop for haircuts for the boys.  

Thursday we ran errands.  It was supposed to rain, and remained damp all day but no showers until the evening.  On our list:  Toys R Us (to exchange lawn mower H got for his b-day that broke within minutes); Post Office (to mail some client orders out); Jo Ann (to get a new chain for my Jane necklace and some fleece to make a rat “sleeping bag” and some summer project stuff); Meijer (to pick up pictures for Project Life).

Today was supposed to be rainy.  It did rain a little this morning but by noon it was just cloudy and in the mid 60’s.  The boys were squabbling and I knew it was either naptime or we needed to get out of the house.  Since we all slept in a bit this morning (past 8!) I decided we needed to go to Cascades to walk.  We walked a little over 2 miles… went through some neighborhoods and then back through the park.  We found a little frog along the way and the boys wanted to bring it home.  I am pretty sure it died by the time we released it. Poor little guy.

So, here’s to the weekend… hopefully it’ll be a little sunnier than this week has been!

  1. Oh I would love to see what you found for Vintage Sheets! Ive got quite a few too now, maybe we should cut some up and do a swap! 😉 What do u plan to do with them?

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