an intentional summer

this week i’ve been busy preparing for an intentional summer.  yes, i know summer technically started weeks ago (how?!?) but with heading to silver lake right after school ended and spending a week there, on top of getting laundry and the house back together upon our return, i’m feeling like summer is just beginning.  i guess technically it is… there is still 2 months left.

anyhow, i found this article– blog post if you will- on simple mom’s blog.  i had been planning many activities and trips for this summer since before school was even let out.  but reading her post made me realize that i need to actually make a plan and get organized to make it all happen in such a short amount of time.  i want to be more intentional with my time with the boys this summer.  i want to use my time wisely and use it to benefit them as much as possible.

so, using an old lesson plan book i’ve begun jotting in activities and crafts on days of the week.  today we got a few things done- we made a fireworks art project, “chia pet-esque” grass heads, ran errands, had a picnic at the park and porter wrote an entry in his summer journal.  so far, so good.

using the pencil mrs. slat gave him, of course….

while i love love love the look of this summer bucket list, i wasn’t sure ours would stay up all summer.  the kids love writing on the chalkboards in the kitchen and i was pretty sure the list would get destroyed by a certain 3-year-old.  so, i decided i’d print it up.  still cute.

  1. thank you so much for posting this!! i REALLY need to accomplish a list asap. the days of summer that have already gone by have me left thinkin..what the heck did we do? i want to have an intentional summer with my kids as well 🙂

  2. Sounds like you & boys will have alot to do. That is really good. The pics show that they had fun doing that “straw painting”. Never heard of that. Looked like fun though!!!

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