Enjoy to the fullest

Whew today was a hot one.  It felt like southern weather for sure…. ick.  I think the temp topped out at 85 but the “feel” was 93* or something like that.  Too hot for this Michigan Girl.  I spent my morning grocery shopping (OMG never again on a holiday weekend… I wouldn’t have gone except we were pretty much living out the Old Mother Hubbard nursery rhyme).  Ryan cut down 4 (or was it 5?) pine trees that were dead along our property line.  The boys played in the Kid Wash and kiddie pool.  Amazingly (God Bless!) they got along SO well today.  Hardly any fights.  I think our “Summer Bootcamp” is going well.  At least I hope.   
The boys are loving our bikes.  Well, my bike.  We have gone on quite a few bike rides- a 3 mile one the other morning and then again that evening to chase down the ice cream truck.  I swear he teases us as we hear the music almost daily but they don’t come down our street.  The boys and I were bored (I think Ryan was at class?) and so we hopped back on our bikes to take another ride.  We caught up with the ice cream truck on Flansburg Rd and sat down along the side of the road and ate our ice cream.  Yeah, we’re cool like that.  
Friday we rode close to 3 miles again- we went up to Porter’s school (in the fall) and the boys played on the playground.  Porter has been doing extremely well riding on roads with me (we don’t have many sidewalks nearby), and Hudson LOVES riding now.  He cracks me up because Porter and I will say “Whew that was a big hill!” and Hudson is like “Yeah, that was a big hill!”  I’ll ask P how he’s doing and Hudson responds with “I’m doin’ good”.  As if he’s doing any of the work!  He gets ticked when we head home and starts to throw a tantrum.  I am pretty sure he’d bike all day long if someone would ride him that long!  I’m really glad I took the plunge and got a bike.  I wish I’d done it last year!  Oh well, better late than never.  I’m hoping tomorrow and next week aren’t too hot/humid and we can get out on our bikes some more.  We’ve been going on early bike rides… around 8/9am so it is perfect weather then usually.  

The other night I went to Menards and picked up the PVC pieces to build this awesome Kid Wash.  I got home at 9pm and was too excited to wait until morning to make it.  I got right to work, dress and all.  It took me about an hour to make all the cuts (probably would have been less time if I knew how to measure.  Measure twice, cut once… right?).  I had it assembled by 10pm and made Ryan take a picture.  
Kyle and Chloe came over to test it out the other day.  The boys were going to play in the sprinkler and Porter knew Hudson likely wouldn’t go in.  Ryan had class (again!) and I knew our night was going to be long (it’d been a long day as it was… the boys and I went to A2, had Panera for lunch, got a new phone at Apple b/c my camera hardware broke, and then went to the Natural History Museum.  This meant no naps for the boys.)  I told Porter to ride up and get Kyle and Chloe so he’d have someone to play with.  When they got here Kyle was like “What is THAT?!”  They had a blast, though, and it kept them entertained for awhile.  

So far summer is treating us well.  I’m amazed that it is July already!!

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