Swim Lessons

As summer started, I noticed Porter had developed a big fear of jumping in the water.  Far cry from his lack of fear in April at the beach when he was JUMPING into the pool fearlessly.  I signed him up for swim lessons and am SO glad I did.  The class was for 2 weeks, 4 days a week.  The first day they had the kids jumping off the diving board!  This was Porter’s least favorite part of the class and it kind of put a damper (and a bit of anxiety) on the class for him but everything else he LOVED.  He has no fear of going underwater (and hasn’t had that fear ever, really) but his big thing seems to be jumping in the water.  He did great in the shallow end (where it was chest/shoulder deep to him).  I wish I’d signed him up earlier in the summer and he could do 2 sessions in a row but unfortunately we’re out of time and unable to sign up for the last session.  Next summer!  (and next summer Hudson will take swim lessons so that will be super nice!)
A little pep in his step as they head back to the pool from the diving board 🙂 
And then one evening (afternoon?) during our 100+ degree weather we went over to Mary Jo’s house to swim with Katie and her boys.  Hudson blew me away by getting comfortable enough to jump in alone and swim to the side.  He was a little fish and jumped in over and over and over.  Hudson is usually my timid kiddo so it surprised me that he learned to swim on his own (albeit with the Safety Seal vest) before Porter did.  

Not to be outdone by his little brother, Porter donned this weird purple aqua jogger belt thingy and he, Donnie and Hudson went to town jumping in.

Look at these buddies… crazy to think they’ve known eachother since they were newborns!

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