5 Reasons to Leave a Comment

Anne left me a comment with a link to this blog article, 5 Reasons to Leave a Comment, written by Janice Croze (founder of 5 Minutes for Mom).  First off, Janice’s writing is hilarious.  Love her humor!  And secondly, she sure drives a good point home.   

Ladies, I am going to tell you a story about mom blogging in the “old days”, before Twitter and Facebook — yes, pull up a rocking chair and put down your smart phones, (we didn’t have those back then either.) 

How did we get to know each other and find new mom blogs to read before Twitter, Facebook and Stumble Upon? 

Well, we commented. We DID. We really, really did. A lot.  

It is kind of like in the REALLY old days when they wrote letters. By hand. And put stamps on them. And walked to the mailbox. 

1. It is your calling card   Your comment is a note that respectfully shows the blog owner that you stopped by for a visit.  

2. It shows other readers how witty and/or fabulous you are — it is like throwing out your line and catching new readers! 

3. It deepens your relationship with the blog owner 

4. It adds value to the post-  The humor or insights of the post can be continued on and on by the readers discussions and comments. 

5. When it comes down to it, every comment is basically an AD for YOU! 

Yes — we had some good things going on in those olden days. Let’s not leave it all in the past…

Okay, so this is just a “highlight” of her post… you really need to travel over and read it yourself!  But isn’t it so the truth?  Ahh… the good old days….

  1. Um, I am commenting to let you know I came to the Blog & read your posts today, rather than just read them as they are sent to my email. Also…I didn't think your post on 'Comments' shouldn't have at least 1 comment!! Even if it's a silly or boring one. ;P

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