Mama + Boys Friday

Today seemed like our typical Friday…

  • The boys played while I surfed the net for a bit and woke up
  • Decided to go blueberry picking so we got dressed and headed to The Blueberry Patch
  • Bummer… they are closed during the week until the blueberries are more abundant
  • Stopped into a couple antique/resale shops.  Found a long dresser I really want for the basement.
  • Had lunch at Los Tres Amigos… our favorite.  
  • At home the boys cleaned while I did some laundry.  
  • Took the boys to see the $1 movie at the Michigan Theater.  Rio was playing.  Such a cute movie!
  • Hudson crashed on my lap halfway through the movie.  Hilarious to me as Porter would NEVER have done such a thing once he’d passed the baby baby stage.  
  • Came home and Ryan packed teh boys up to take them to his dads for the weekend.  Mama needs some alone time!
  • I hit the caterpillar jackpot today!  I found 13 eggs and 21 caterpillars in our neighbors milkweed. YAY!  And I had just posted the other day that we’d had bad luck with our monarchs so far this year. 
  • I was pretty productive this evening.  Finished my case study.  Picked up the kitchen and dining room (somewhat).  Prepared 10 resumes to send out. Uhmm… I felt like I did a heck of a lot more.  Bummer. 

On a sidenote: Our neighbors are seriously the best. This afternoon Gary came to our front door and asked me to meet him in the backyard.  I was a little nervous… wondered if the dogs or kids had done something to their yard?  Nope.   See, they have better water pressure than we do so we borrow their hose to use the Kid Wash. We just go over and pull their hose through the fence and use their water while the kids play.  Then we take it back.  Well, turns out he got an adapter for his hose spigot so he could have two separate hoses off of it.  He ran one across his yard and along his fence to our yard and gave us a hose and reel box to keep in our yard for the Kid Wash. How sweet is that??  So now we only have to run next door to turn the water on… no more unreeling and reeling back in hoses.

  1. Wow! What a great neighbor! They must enjoy the boys! 🙂 Just getting the Case Study done in itself is a LOT! I got my Master's from SAU, been there! I'm taking my boys to the 1 p.m. cup stacking at the Grass Lake lbrary on Monday, it's one of the best “shows” the library puts on for their summer reading program. Just thought I'd share.

  2. Sorry for the lack of commenting/posting…I just got back from a family reunion and I'm trying to play catch-up. It sounds like a fun Friday! The perfect way to start off the weekend!

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