Doctor Doctor

Ryan brought up Hudson’s 3 year doctor’s appointment the other day… or the lack thereof.  We realized we never set up a 3 year appointment!  So… I called today to schedule and she looked at his file and said “Oh, we haven’t seen him since December of ’09… he was…. 18 months old?  It looks like we never had a 2 year appointment either!”

Total and utter Mom FAIL!

  1. Haha! Has he really not been sick to the dr at all this past year??I totally do that though… we just kind of forget about the dr because we never go. SJ had to remind me this year… Mom, do 8 yr olds get shots? Don't I need to go to the dr? And she had already been 8 for three months!

  2. I must confess that Cam has never had his two year appt and Renee is already two months for her four year. I HAVE NO TIME, PEOPLE. I feel guilty about it sometimes must mostly I don't care 🙂

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