Kids in the Kitchen

Part of the boys’ chore (err… “teamwork”) responsibility is to put away the clean dishes.  We aren’t (or haven’t been) super strict on daily jobs but whenever things need to be done and the boys are around, they are expected to help out.   Porter’s job is to empty the dishwasher and put them away, while Hudson’s part of the job is to put away the silverware.  Uhm… so it’s not uncommon for our cabinets and drawers to look a little… ehhhh… discombobulated HAHA!  It cracks me up to open the cabinets to get a cup or a plate and to find a sight like this.  

And you know what cracks me up even more?  Is finding Hotwheels Cars in random places.  I found this van in the fridge one afternoon and by evening I found it in the freezer.  Weird kids.  

  1. that's exactly what ours look like. B is a clean freak but if he can't see it he doesn't clean it. Out of sight out of mind.Love the bus in the freezer. Lol.

  2. okay, the van in the fridge and freezer totally cracks me up! gotta love the imagination of a little boys mind. i bet that van was hauling FOOD! 🙂

  3. The van in the fridge is hilarious! I would love to get inside a child's mind….or maybe my own mind is just as random as I have definitely left my keys in the fridge before….eewps.

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