The Sunday Wrap

Porter’s flag football is going well.  He seems to really like it.  This past Saturday they split off into teams. Lucky Porter, he ended up on the Green team (his favorite color!).  They’re called the Packers.   
Now, being the opinionated Mama I am, I did find myself quite annoyed at this most recent practice.  Let me explain.  The kids were split off into 6 different color teams.  There is one “main” coach (I’m assuming the High School Football Coach) and he oversees all 6 teams.  And each team is coached by about 6-8 high school football players.  Kudos to them for stepping in and spending their Saturday mornings teaching all these little rugrats.  HOWEVER… I was kind of annoyed at how so many kids seemed to get “lost” in the HS coaches playful banter against their buddies.
For example…in the beginning of practice Porter was the kid who started with the ball (Ryan tells me this is the Center).  He tosses the ball to Big Boy, and Big Boy passes it to Runner Boy.  And then the little squad of 5 or so kids run at the other teams squad of 5 or so kids.  Now, after Ball Tosser (Porter) passes the ball, everyone else runs and chases the kid with the ball (or tries to grab a flag or whatever)… and what is my kid doing?  Standing there.  In the middle of the field.  Dinking with his flag.  Okay.  Maybe he didn’t pay attention.  But this happened FOUR plays in a row.  FOUR.   I don’t know a thing about football but I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a high school, college or pro game where the Ball Tosser just stands on the field while everyone else does their thing.  Why did these HS coaches… all 6 or 7 of them… not notice and give him direction?

And then… they’d just place kids in spots, and the HS coaches would go gather in their little huddle (okay there were two HS coaches on P’s team that actually dispersed throughout the little kids to keep them on task).  I kept thinking… “Why don’t they each choose a kid or two and follow that kid throughout the practice to explain what is going on as it is happening… while they’re waiting ect.?”  Instead, they ball would get played, half the kids followed the ball (as did ALL of the HS coaches) while the other half of the kids ended up across the field tackling each other (none of which had the ball).  So… essentially, half the kids didn’t have a clue what was going on at any given time. 

I know.. I know… I’m one of “those” mom’s.  “I can do it better.”   No.  I 100% admit I don’t know a thing about football… but I do know they aren’t reaching each of these kids or holding their attention and I feel there are better strategies they could be implementing.  And I also know that the HS coaches seemed much more interested in the banter with their buddies who were coaching the opposing team…. whose “team” won yards etc… rather than keeping the kids focused on what was really going on in the play.  
WHEW!  What a post.   I know.  I know.  My wise FIL made a very good point on Saturday.  He said… “These kids aren’t going to be won this year.  They aren’t going to be sold on this game this year, or fully invested.  You can’t guarantee they will love football and want to play in 5-10 years.  BUT… you CAN lose them.  This is a critical time… those coaches aren’t going to win the kids over this year… but they can easily lose them.”   So. So. True.  
So I’m hoping that maybe as practices go on the HS coaches will gain a little insight or skill to teaching the sport that I know they love and know all about.  I hope that they do their best to reach all these little kids who are looking up to them and to instill in them the love of this game and not just the winning little scrimmages against their buddies. 

My class starts tomorrow and its safe to say I’m already dreading it.  Not to mention already behind.  I think we have an assignment due tomorrow.  I’m not in the mood or mental state to even deal with a class right now but I’m not sure if I should drop it and wait until next semester to take it.  

The boys started Awanas tonight.  It actually is the 3rd week but we didn’t realize it had already started.  Hudson is in Cubbies- this is his first year.  Porter is in Sparks, and seems an old pro at going- confident and sure of himself.  Hudson kept telling us he “Hated Cubbies” and after talking to him about it he admitted that he was actually just really nervous about going.  I told Porter this and he ran downstairs to Hudson and said ‘Hudson, you’re going to have a lot of fun!  And if you don’t know what to do, then you ask your teacher if you can come get me and I’ll help you.  My room is right next door to yours!”  It was the sweetest thing.  They both did great at drop-off.  Hudson requested 4 hugs and 4 kisses (this has become his ritual… not sure the significance of the number 4?). 
Ryan and I had 2 hours alone!  We’ve declared Sunday our date night.  YAY!  This week we went to the Dawson’s to pick up a smaller dog crate we are borrowing for Cooper (details on him soon!).  We hung out with them for a bit then went and got flurries at TJ Freeze.  
When we picked the boys up Porter wasn’t even worried about seeing us… he said “hi” and smiled and turned right to Hudson’s room and waited for him to come out.  When he came out he hugged him and was so excited to talk to him.  It was adorable.  I love seeing little tidbits of the boys like this.  There are so many hours full of fighting and bickering, but moments like this make up for it!
Oh I’ve been such a slacker on the website that was pretty much my idea.  Go figure I get all gung ho on an idea, ask Michelle to help start and run this thing and then I totally slack off.  Thank GOODNESS for Michelle, who has solely taken over my slackerness and been doing more than just her share of ISO.  
I did have an image to participate in this weeks challenge: Silhouette.   Its not new (boo) but it is from our recent trip to Mackinaw. We all went up to the Soo Locks to watch the ships come through.  It was really neat.  The ships (barges??) were HUGE!  I think this one in the picture was 800ft long.  

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