Kindergarten Updates

In the past month Porter has had an explosion of creativity and writing.  This child who never liked to color or draw is now going through notepads of paper with his writings and pictures.  We find all sorts of his artwork around the house.  He drew a Sound Collapser (Sownd Calapsr) that he said “catches all sorts of loud sounds like dirt bikes and monster trucks and sucks them in and collapses them.”  Today he made a sign that said “Coopers Play Rowm Chrap.  No Poop.”. (Coopers Play Room Trap.  No Poop).  So funny the ideas he comes up with.

He has written his grandma and pen pal each two page letters… Written about 95% by himself. (whereas this summer I could get him to write a sentence if i was lucky… And that was helping him spell words).  And now, he’s writing better than some of my 1st graders!

He also draws and writes pictures of him and his “girlfriend”, Kate.  Oh Kate Paterson. He talks about her alllll the time.  She was brought up within the first two weeks of school and it was so cute because whenever I asked who he ate lunch with or played with on the playground it was … Kate.  Not just Kate, but “My girlfriend, Kate.”  I asked him in the beginning if she knew she was his girlfriend (hahahhaha) and he shyly said “nooo”.  Well 2 weeks ago he colored a My Little Pony picture for her but said she didn’t want it because it was scribbly.  He colored another one and she accepted.  I asked if he did a nicer job on it and he said yes.  He also told me last week that she told him she was going to marry him. He made me pinky swear and elbow swear and thumb swear that I wouldn’t tell anyone.  I told him he needed to go to college first.  Cracks me up its so cute!

He is always telling me who got “reset” each day and who was the helper and who did this or that.  He tells me about a boy who swings on his stomach but they aren’t allowed to do that so the boy gets in trouble but Porter says HE doesn’t swing on his stomach.  Oh, the rule bender at home is such a rule follower at school.

I dropped him off at school one morning and the secretary said Porter stops in all the time to say hi, and I hear all the time how he is always so friendly to everyone and saying hi and chatting with adults all the time.  He is definitely Mr. Social.  He cracks me up.

I love getting him on the bus.  He always asks if i’ll wave to him (of course!!) and he makes sure to sit in a seat so he can wave to me and blow me a kiss.

I am amazed at the things he is learning right now… his development with reading and writing and how well he is doing in school.  It makes me so proud!  I think this has been my favorite age so far!

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