Wrapping it up.

  • I started watching the first season of Parenthood on Netflix.  Totally hooked. 
  • Porter insists on listening to Q106 to go to sleep.  I can’t stand Q106 “Rock On”.  Bleh. 
  • We finally have Halloween costumes nailed down.  I’m excited that we’re completely making them from stuff/costumes we already have at home.  YAY!  Hudson is going to be a cowboy…err a “horseboy” he says… and Porter is going to be a pirate.  I think it’ll be adorable because we have a picture of Ryan dressed as a cowboy (err horseboy) at around 3 years old.  Hudson will be a mini-blonde-Ryan!
  • I attempted to make cinnamon sugar pumpkin seeds today.  Meticulously picked out about 3-4 cups of seeds from our 4 pumpkins we carved only to burn them to a crisp.  Ugh. 
  • Last week I made homemade chicken noodle soup. SO darn yummy!  I made an entire crock pot full… woah!  Dave stopped by- perfect timing, and we also sent some over to our neighbors Gary and Linda.  It was so easy to make!
  • My mom comes to visit this week!  I’m so so so excited.  
  • Hudson is such a little sneak.  He definitely follows in his big brother’s footsteps.  For the past few weeks he has been pushing chairs over to the counter to get into my carmel candy stash and spray the bug spray around the kitchen.  The other day I caught him up there and snapped a picture.  I love that he’s wearing shorts and a tie.  It’s always random around here!  
  •  I forgot to share, but I started a Baby Blog for #3 awhile back.  Just mainly preggo updates and such, but I like to keep that all in one place so I can print it and look back on it like I did the boys’ pregnancy blogs.  
  • We have our vacation plans for the beach next year already!  I’m super excited.  Since the baby is due the end of April/beginning of May, going to NC on spring break is out of the question.  We decided to go in summer and Lori and her family, plus Dave and my mom and Mike are going as well.  The only down side is the “season” we’re going is triple the cost of spring break season.   I’ve been busting my butt off this fall (photography-wise) to save up for our portion of the beach house and prepare for this trip expenses.  Did I mention we’ll be going when the baby is only 6-8 weeks old?  Yeah, mama will need a relaxing oceanfront beach house by that point I’m sure.  I figure if we moved twice before Hudson was 7 weeks old we can manage a vacay with Numero Tres.  Holden Beach, here we come!
  • This weekend was filled with lots of family fun things for the fall… a little “carnival” at the local Lions Club, the pumpkin patch, making carmel apples, carving pumpkins…. fun fun!  This will have to be a post all of its own.  

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