Hudson Says

This kid is a riot.  He’s always coming up with funny things that just crack us up.  Never mind they’re on the verge of being sassy… its just too funny.

  • At dinner the other night Ryan brought the boys their milk.  Porters in a regular cup and Hudson’s in a cup with a top.  He says, in a sassy “know it all” voice….. “Why do I get the baby cup?  Do you think I’m getting littler?  Do I??”
  • Tuesday he was getting into stuff he wasn’t supposed to and Oma told him he needed to stop.  Hudson said to her “I can’t wait until you get littler and I’m gonna sit you on the steps in a time out!”
  • Last night (rough night… up all night with Hudson and croup), I asked him if he wanted his Pillow Pet behind him so he was sitting up a little more.  He started whining about it so I pulled it out from behind him.  He got mad and said “You don’t follow directions very well!”  

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