Happy Halloween

This Halloween was so fun!  It has always been one of my favorite holidays for whatever odd reason.  I have lots of great fun memories of Halloween as a child.  I hope the boys do as they grow up as well!   This year I really tried to utilize things we had at home to make their costume.  Hudsons was all our own stuff, aside from the borrowed cowboy boots from Brady Howard.  We had a bit of Porter’s costume but my mom ended up finding his shirt/pants for like $5 at the resale shop (new!) and so part of his costume was purchased.   Oh well!  
We kicked off Halloween evening by a little parade when I picked Hudson up from Miss Marleen’s.  He was so cute running with all his little preschool/daycare friends.  Hudson cracked me up by pushing around the little pink doll stroller.  He used it to carry his two toy cars, a red leaf he found along the walk, the fruit snacks a bus driver tossed to the kids and some candy from a neighbor.
Hudson actually kept up really well this year going house to house.  We trick or treated with my mom, sister, Jon and Aubri in a nearby neighborhood.  It was the perfect size and we ran into a few families we knew from the area as well.  

My favorite view of the day, however, was this cute little tushie.  I giggled every time I saw him running up to a house.  He was so darn cute!

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