To our kindergartener:

Oh Porter, you make us so proud!  At your first conferences we heard so many wonderful things about you.  We also heard some silly things, which made us chuckle because we can tell your unique personality is shining through at school as well.

First off, Mrs. McCave told us that you have quite an imagination.  I had to laugh, because lately we’ve been having some trouble with lying and little fibs at home.  She told us that you had been reading a book with a friend about ocean animals and then told Mrs. McCave that you were bit by an Angler Fish in the ocean when you were visiting your grandma.  What a story!  We also laughed because she confirmed that yes, indeed, you did write in Writer’s Workshop about your little brother getting his head stuck in the toilet… which is entirely untrue.  You goof.  She also asked if you had a little sister… because you wrote about trick or treating with your sister Maddy.  Where did that come from? 
She also told us that she could tell you’re around adults quite a bit because she tends to be sarcastic with her son at home and you are the only kid in class that “gets” her sarcasm.  She said you are her little buddy this year because you can joke back with her and you get the sarcasm.  This cracks me up. 
We were not surprised when she said you need to work on sitting still and having a little more self discipline on the carpet.  She said you tend to wiggle around the room and sometimes get off track.  We see this at home, so it wasn’t a surprise.    She also told us that sometimes after getting scolded you’ll pout or give her a mean face.  We are not unfamiliar to this pouty face!  She could tell you’re a sensitive boy and that when you feel embarrassed or your feelings are hurt you can get a little teary about it.  
I am so proud to learn that you are in her top Reading Group thus far.  She said you’re doing an amazing job at reading and writing and she can tell we encourage and give additional support in these areas at home.  Your daddy and I were happy to hear that you don’t get frustrated in class at reading like you do at home.  We figured it was a “parent” thing… or an “I’ve had a long day and I’m tired” thing.  She did say that she knows you are more capable of writing more than one sentence (and that she will continue to push you to write more because you are capable), and that you can do a nicer job at coloring than you often do.  Daddy says you take after him-  smart but need to be pushed to put more effort in.  Very true!

We were told that you are a very friendly boy and you have a lot of friends in class.  We asked about Kate and she laughed and said Kate is such a sweet girl and doesn’t make a peep most of the time.  This is so funny because you’re the complete opposite.  Mrs. McCave said you’re a friend to everyone and you easily get along with everyone in class.  

Her final words were that you were a very “with it” kid, a very bright boy and that you are a joy to have in class.   We are always proud to call you our son, Porter, but tonight you made us extra proud.  We left your conferences beaming.  We know we are doing a great job at home with you and are so happy it shows while you are at school.  We love you buddy! 

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