Porter:  “Mom, what does P-A-N-E-R-A spell?”
Me:  “Uhm…. p..p…p…pumpkin?”
Porter: “Noooo… listen.  P-A-N-E-R-A.”

Me: “Hmmm…p…p…p…pencil?”
Porter: “No, Mom! It’s Ppp–aaaa–nera.  Panera!  Now, keep that in your head and let’s try it again, okay?”
Me:  “Okay.”
Porter:  “What does P-A-N-E-R-A spell?”

12/3  ‎”See you later alligator mustard-head crocodile.” -Hudson

11/28  I heard noise in the kitchen. Assumed Porter was having pie for breakfast. Then he appeared in my room with this…. He had made me grapefruit for breakfast. And he didn’t even cut his finger with the big black knife, he said!! Hahaha! I love this kid.

11/18  I just heard Hudson screaming from the playroom… “GET IT GET IT! AUGHHHH! GET IT OUT OF HERE!”. I walk in to find him screaming and pointing at this bug book on the floor. He continued to yell “GET IT OUT OF HERE I DON’T LIKE THAT BUG BOOK!”. Hahahah! I should also mention he does this to a red eyed tree frog book as well. Heee hee.We randomly hand Hudson this rubber red eyed tree frog just to watch him yelp and throw it. It’s funny bc he is so scared by it he is almost intrigued… He always asks us to read him those books but it’s like he can’t stand to be surprised by them if he randomly pulls one off the bookshelf. Lol!

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