This randomness…

  • That last post… who saw it in Google Reader?  The Merry Christmas 2011 from the Imus Family?  What the hell… did my account get hacked? Anyhow… deleted and I have no idea how that was posted or who the Imus Family is. 
  • I’ve begun working on this annual post- 50 Reflections.  I thought I’d bring it up now so that if you’re interested you can start working on yours!  I love that I have so many past years that I’ve done this survey and it is so neat to go back and read my responses.  Some things are so different from year to year and some things just never change…
  • A few Christmas Questions I’ve been pondering lately:
    1. How many gifts does Santa bring your kids?  Is it a certain number of gifts or a price limit?
    2. How many gifts do you get your kids?  Is it a certain number of gifts or a price limit?
    3. Who brings the most gifts… Santa or parents?
    4. Does Santa wrap his gifts?
    5. Do you put gifts out under the tree before Christmas or are all family gifts put out only at Christmas morning?

Friday was a busy day. Our first official day of Christmas break! I absentmindedly forgot about a newborn session I had scheduled that morning…oops! So glad I have understanding clients.

Ry had the day off so he and Hudson spent some time together running errands. Then the 3 of us picked Porter up from school early to go to our “official” ultrasound. The boys, unfortunately, were less than interested. Good news though is everything looks good an baby girl is officially a girl!

Afterwards we went to Miss Marleens to see Santa. She has a Santa come every year and bring presents (that she buys) to the kids. It is a fun tradition and I think it’s so great that she does it for her daycare kids. Hudson was a little mislead when he opened his gift… Marleen had bought Trio blocks (which the boys play with quite a bit) and he immediately shoved the box away upon opening it and crossed his arms, pouted and tried his best to hold back tears. He has been talking for sooo long that he wants Santa to bring him Cars 2 movie (which he will on X-mas eve) and I think he thought Santa would pull out whatever he asked for from his bag. It was hilarious and kind of sad that he felt disappointed, although I want to teach him to be thankful regardless. It’s hard to be 3.

After Santa, we dropped the boys off at home with Dave and we headed tot the Dawson’s for our annual Christmas Dinner with Supper Club. Unfortunately 3 people were unable to make it so it was just the Dawson’s and the Barczaks and Half a Huff. :-). The highlight was exchanging our Dirty Santa gifts…. We always have a good laugh!

I’m so excited for Christmas this year! Last year was so so perfect and I hope the boys will enjoy the day as much as last year. I did go a little crazy with their gifts this year but I didn’t go too much off budget because I have been bargain shopping and getting good deals. I also realized this year that Christmas has been so much more enjoyable the past few years since we started the Christmas Club account and have not used credit cards at all. The giving is much more enjoyable that it is paid in cash! I am thankful we have been financially able to do this lately (and even more so that the past few years we have rarely, if ever, used a credit card!).

Woah off on a tangent! In other exciting news, Ryan joined the 21st century and got an iPhone (courtesy if Hudson who decided to give Ryan’s cell a bath in a glass of Vernor’s.). I am excited that our calendars will sync and we can play games against eachother now haha!

  1. I did see that weird family! Will and I play game with eachother on our Smart phones all the time! Isn't it great NOT to use credit?! So much lighter of a feeling! 🙂 LOVE it!BTW: We are starting the new jammies tradition on Christmas Eve too! So glad you're lil angel is measuring well and healthy!!! Merry Christmas!

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