Documenting via Facebook

  • The Marley and Me dog has nothin’ on Cooper. Just sayin’.  He is stir crazy. Its been so rainy here lately we don’t like to leave them out in the yard b/c they run and wrestle (which is good… they wear eachother out) but then come in and Duncan is a wet soggy muddy mop. And they start to dig up the grass running when its so wet and soggy. So… today its sprinkling. And they’re stuck inside. I locked them in the kitchen/dining room b/c they keep wrestling in the living room but Cooper keeps jumping up on the table and pulling things off. He pulled down a box of parchment paper and ripped it open and was unrolling the paper. He pulled down a box and was playing with it. Then he ripped one of Hudsons artwork off the fridge nad ripped it up. And he was chewing on a paintbrush (which I think was on the table) UGHHH.
  • Porter woke me up this morning and had pulled his tooth out by himself! I texted Ryan and he said “What does he think he is in the Hangover?!”. Hahaha   And who the eff invented this tooth fairy gig? Trying to pry the tooth box out of P’s hand without waking him. What the hell.
  • What was even better was going upstairs to find toilet paper pulled through the bathroom and down the hallway to Hudson’s room… and my lipstick smashed all over the mirror and picture in the bathroom. He had been quiet for about 10 minutes. TEN. UGH.  I asked him if he had looked in the mirror to see what his face looked like and he just grinned and said “Yup!”

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