Ready, Set…. Weekend!

This weekend I flew solo, as Ryan had a guys weekend up north with 6 of his buddies. They were supposed to snowmobile, but with the lack of snow I think the weekend turned out to be a whole lot of drinking and card playing and just relaxing. Much deserved, though as much as glad as I was that he had a great weekend away, I was glad to have him home. I have not been feeling well (mainly pregnancy related) and am just plain achy, grumpy and exhausted for the most part.

The boys and I had a pretty low key weekend. We finally got a little snow on Friday (which meant terrible driving conditions for the guys, yet not enough for snowmobiling), and the boys played outside for a bit on Saturday morning. In the afternoon, Dave came over to babysit while I spent some time at the cottage scrapbooking with Jane and Jessica. I am so thankful for Such a great father in law who is willing to watch the kids on short notice. I woke up Sat morning sooo crabby and was definitely in need of some me time.

Sunday I woke up in a lot of pain and it was miserable just walking. I was supposed to work in Hudson’s class at church but ended up calling in. I felt really bad about it but I knew I wasn’t up to getting the boys around, getting myself ready and out the door, plus the bending and squatting and floor sitting I’d need to do with 3 and 4 year olds. Next week hopefully I’ll be feeling better.

We ended up just lounging around at home and the boys went outside for a bit I play (and Porter shoveled the sidewalk and driveway for me again. Love that helpful boy!). We made Porters Valentines and addressed them all, and then we all rested for a bit.

Is it just me or does the weekends seem to be flying by faster than ever?! I guess in a way it’s a good thing… Gets me closer to my due date! However, I’m pretty much living for my weekends and that (along with my weekday evening shows) is what gets me through the work week lately.

This month is going to fly by I am sure. My mom is in town again this Thursday, V-Day parties etc are Tuesday, we have Monday off of school for Presidents Day and Porters birthday is next Tuesday. That’ll bring us up to the 21st…. Close to March!

So, here’s to another week. And here is to hoping it flies by!

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