Hump Day Thoughts

  • The weather today is gorgeous… 65*, sunny and a slight breeze.  LOVE IT.   Porter didn’t have school yesterday and I so wish the boys were home this afternoon instead of yesterday.  We will have to go out and ride bikes or go on a walk tonight (for me… uh… to the neighbors driveway and back  BAHAHAH! Ok… I can attempt further I suppose).
  • Goodbye paper snowflakes on the windows… time for a new “springy” project to decorate the windows.  Any ideas?
  • I’ve fallen into a slump of dwelling on the past these last couple days… wishing things were the way they used to be.  Which is silly… I can’t change people’s decisions and I certainly can’t change others’ thoughts and feelings.  Its one of those “sad because its over and mourning the loss of what used to be such a great thing” type of things.  Trying to stay positive and move on.
  • I’m almost through with my first week of working half days.  Loving it so far, of course, but will probably not love it so much when my paychecks start coming in.  Oh well… I’m summing it up to mental health afternoons.  I need daytime to either rest or get school work/accounting/housework stuff done.  I’m too tired by the time 8:00 rolls around and the boys are in bed.
  • I’m sad that we won’t be spending spring break in Holden Beach this year, or well, any beach as we usually do.  Trying to keep my eye on the prize and know that baby sis will be well worth missing one annual beach vacay.  There’s always next year, right?
  • Thank you, yet another person at work, for pointing out that I am waddling. You don’t think I realize, you know, between my hips feeling like pliers are ripping them apart and knives are being stabbed into my joints.  Thank you for making me aware of the waddle. And, no, calling me “ducky” is not cute or funny.
  • The boys are getting SO SO excited for baby sis to get here.  We have a baby girl doll that is wearing some preemie jammies and the boys play with her in baby sis’ room all the time.  They put her in the swing and in the carseat and bouncer, and Hudson likes to lay her on his mine mine’s and cover her up.  Almost daily they ask “When will baby sis get here?!” and every time I have a doctor’s appointment (every 2 weeks now), Hudson asks if we’re going to the doctor to get sissy.  Its sooo cute.  I am going to make a countdown for them, I think, to count down the days until my due date.

  1. My kids asked on a daily basis how long it would be until our baby was here. I wanted to to some sort of countdown project with them, but it never happened. Oh well. They were perfectly happy with the countdown app on my phone. 🙂 Let me know if you ever wanna grab lunch or something some afternoon!

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