Spring Break "Staycation"

Okay so it hasn’t really been a “Staycation” as much as “days we don’t go to work or school so we kind of just loaf around and do random things”.  Ick.   I had hoped to plan some actual activities for the boys this week (aka… going fun places like a museum etc) but at 36 weeks pregnant I’m just slightly exhausted.

Monday we ran to the post office (I sold a book on Amazon and ooops forgot to mail it!!) and then picked up McD’s and ate at the park.  The boys had fun and I guess that’s all that matters.  I attempted to get them to nap but Hudson was the only one who succumbed to sleep.  Meaning- I didn’t nap therefore I was really grumpy that evening.

Today we attempted to have a big playdate with some friends but woke up to rain and storm.  Then one friend wasn’t feeling well and had to be around home for a serviceman, and I didn’t hear from the other, so I told Jess to come on over and I made myself decent and headed to Meijer to pick up some snacks, milk etc… On the way there I ran into Sadie at the end of our road- turns out she was still coming over, rain and all!  So she and her 3 boys joined us at Meijer and then we spent the afternoon at my house.  It wasn’t too bad for 8 kids in the house!  It did get sunny early in the afternoon so the big boys got to go outside and play.

Jess and her kids hung out until nearly 4pm and once Ryan got home at 4:15 I laid down for a 2.5 hour nap!  EEEK!  I was exhausted and my feet were swollen and hurt.  The boys were exhausted too, and bedtime tonight was a MESS!  I had hoped to go visit a friend and her son in Lansing tomorrow but not sure if I want to skip rest time again!

I’ve been trying to get some little projects done around the house.  This past weekend Ryan got the Christmas lights down off the house,  Meanwhile I’ve been working on little decorating (aka Pinterest) projects around the house.  I made some baby bibs, embellished some burp clothes, made a cute spring wreath and a wooden pallet-type art for the mantle.  I’m still not done with the art- not sure what to paint/write on it.  I’d like some kind of quote, inspirational or family/home related… but just not sure.

I finally got my “new old van”.  It is nice to have an easy-to-get-into vehicle again (I have been driving the truck).  Ry keeps saying I’m never satisfied with my vehicle but that’s only because he keeps asking “Do you love your van” to which I reply… “No.  I like it, and I’m glad I have a vehicle that is running and is in great shape and fits the kids, but it’s a van and, well, I don’t really LOVE vans.”  LOL!  I’m not trying to sound ungrateful, just truthful.  I DON’T love it, but it works for us and the price is excellent and it gets me where I need to go.  What more do I need?  Love is not required for a vehicle.  HAHA!

Today the kids were all playing with the rats and I noticed Cricket had a lump on her chest.  I did a little googling and it sounds like she has a mammary tumor. 😦  I knew that tumors (likely it is benign) are common in female rats if they are not spayed (our females are not… its like $80+/rat to spay them and their life expectancy is only 3ish years) but I didn’t think it’d happen this soon.  They just turned 1 year old.  So… I’m going to call around to vets and see what we should do about it.  I’m torn between thinking maybe we should have just spayed them, because if we do any type of surgery it will likely cost the same amount or more (and I’m not paying that much for surgery!).  I did read online some vets are cheap for rodent tumor removals (as low as $35) but I’m sure that won’t be the case.  If that is what it comes down to I think we’ll just have to have her put to sleep once the tumor gets too large for her to get around.  Poor Crickey!

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