Nail Polish Homicide

I swear.  Three and Four are such shitty ages in my book.  I can handle the tantrumy 2’s, but what is it about 3 and 4 that make my kids go haywire and get into stuff?!?!   Just as Porter has outgrown (in the past year) his 3 year streak of mutilating my makeup, tearing up my landscaping and basically wreaking havoc anytime he’s left to his own devices for half an hour…. Hudson chimes in.

Naptime. My quite time.  I don’t “require” them to sleep but I do demand they give me an hour of peace while they read books or listen to their radio.  Porter is pretty good at this and 99% of the time Hudson falls asleep and naps for a good 2-3 hours.

Today, I let Hudson sleep in my bed.  This has become our ritual on days we are home together- we nap in my room.  Well I had things I wanted to get done so I tucked him into bed and went downstairs.

20 minutes later Porter calls to me “Mom…. Hudson has your nail polish and its all over the walls and your bed!”


I’m not kidding.  FOUR bottles of nail polish.  Dumped over my lamp (lightbulb) and dripping down the base, a puddle on the night stand, a puddle in two different spots on the wood floors, “HUDSON” written on the walls in bright pink, one of my favorite necklaces sitting in a puddle of nail polish, the new comforter I just got (albeit, at a garage sale) has dark burgundy blobs on it, my comfy comfy bamboo sheets have what look like dried blood spots on it.  UGHGHGH.




I kid you not, it looks like a murder scene.   Good Friday.  Hudson might be praying for a resurrection this Sunday as well…..

  1. hoooooollllly shit. i hope you can find a way to clean it up. omg. i'm going home and putting all of my nail polish in the gun safe. wow.

  2. omgoodness!!! I would've been shaking!! lol I totally agree with you ..i have always said terrible 2's were/are much easier to deal with then 3-4! 🙂

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