Insomnia Conversations

The other night Ryan had mudded the wall in Hudson’s room so he ended up in bed with me for the night.  I have a terrible time sleeping and was attempting to watch Teen Mom on Hulu on my phone.  Hudson woke up- wide awake as can be- and we ended up in some hilarious conversations. 
  • I showed him the parts of Teen Mom with the baby (this baby cried a lot).
    Me: “Do you think Baby Sissy is going to cry like that?”
    H: “Yeah”
    Me:  “What will you do when she cries?”
    H: “Tell her to SHUT. UP.”
    Me: “OH!  Well, that’s not very nice.  Maybe you could give her a pacifier or a bottle?”
    H: “Yeah!  I have a pacifier in my room!”
    (uhm… hasn’t had a sucky since he was a year old)
    Me: “You do?  What does it look like?”
    H: “Its black.  And you put water in it and steam comes out the top!”
    Me: “Ohhhh… your HUMIDIFIER!”
  •  H: “Tomorrow can we go to Target and get the Strawberry movie- the one where she isn’t wearing a hat?”
    Me: “Well, we have to go to Target but we won’t be buying any toys or movies.”
    H: “Well, it is called Tar-GET so you can’t tell little boys they can’t get stuff and toys like matchbox cars because that’s why its called Tar-GET.  Because you GET things.”
And just some random things he’s said lately that crack me up:
  • Hudson (getting frustrated taking his shirt off) “That’s why we shouldn’t wear clothes!!!”
  • Hudson is eating Jet/s Pizza- the square kind. He keeps calling it the “choo choo pizza”. And he said “MOM! When I pulled the tires (pepperoni) off, it took all the cheese off too!” I asked why he calls it choo choo train pizza and he said because train cars are square.
  • H: “Mom, the other other other other other day when it was snowing but it was not Christmas? Porter took this truck out and left it in the yard and now it’s all dirty!”

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