I’m slacking terribly on blogging!   I don’t want to forget these first few weeks with Amelia, as a family of 5.  They’re going by so quickly its all a blur!  
Miss Amelia is fitting in quite well with our family.  Really this 3 kid thing isn’t too terrible… the worst part is probably the sleep deprivation, which sucks regardless if it is your 1st kid or 5th.  The hardest part has been getting out of bed in the morning to get Porter to school.  That sucks… to have to have a deadline to get out the door in the morning after sleeping in 2-4 hour increments.  Once summer hits it’ll be much easier though. 
We’ve been getting out and about quite a bit.  I’m not one to sit at home- I get bored!   Last Saturday we went to Cascades and had a picnic in the park.  Afterward we attempted to walk around the park but Porter had a little…. sharting accident HAHA! (oh yeah… my kids know the word “sharting”.  For reals.  Not sure they really know what it breaks down to but they know its crapping your pants HAHA!)  We didn’t make it far and had to turn around and go home.  Ah, well lunch was nice.  

It has been so nice to spend one on one time with Hudson while I’ve been home.  He is such a riot and one on one he’s such a great kid.  (However, put him with his brother and there is drama all over!!).  He has been a bit bored with me though, as I obviously have my hands busy with a newborn at times.  He misses Porter while he’s at school and there isn’t anyone his age to play with.

We recently got a great deal off Craigslist… a free trampoline!  We had to drive an hour to get it but SO worth it.  Two of our neighbors have trampolines, and the boys love them.  I have been browsing CL for awhile to find a good deal and sure enough- patience pays off!  I am hoping this will keep them busy and entertained this summer as well as burn lots of energy!
Of course they sucker Grandma into jumping with them 🙂 
And all the neighbor kids have been congregating here, which I do love.  
On Thursday we spent a good part of the day at the Chelsea Treehouse.  We met up with Jessica and Nicki and their kiddos.  I think we were there for a good 3 hours!  Hudson loved the wavy slides after he realized they weren’t so scary after all.  He spent most of his time carrying around an arm full of rubber balls and throwing them down the slide.  

Afterward we stopped by The Potting Shed in Chelsea.  Ever been there?  You should stop in.  It is such a neat little store- tons of unique gift-type items, and the entire 2nd floor is a baby store with awesome vintage and eclectic finds.  Kind of pricey, but very neat!

Oh and this little sweet pea….. we just love her so.  Little Miss.  Skinny Minnie.  AJ. Sissy.  Sissy Boo.  Squeaker.  Pip Squeak.  Suzie-Q.  Little Missy.  Pretty Girl.  She’s acquired quite the slew of nicknames already!  She is finally starting to feel like an “Amelia” to me.  Maybe I just needed time to let it grow on me… to let her grow into her name.  I don’t know.  I did tell Ryan that Amelia needs a little Asian sister named Norah someday….. 🙂  I’m still holding out for my little Asian daughter.  Maybe?

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