Amelia Jane | 2 months

Amelia Jane is such a little ray of sunshine in our home.  We all just dote over her and adore her to pieces. She’s such a sweet, smiley baby.  In the past few weeks, probably since 5 weeks or so, she’s been smiling at us on purpose.  It is so so darling.  She gets this huge grin on her face, and often it starts out on one side of her mouth, scrunches up that side of her face and spreads to the rest of her face.  She can’t keep her eyes fully open when she smiles.  She’s just darling.  

At her 2 month appointment she was 9lbs 15oz (9% percentile, same as newborn) and 22 inches long (25th %).  I looked back at the boys’ 2 month weights and Porter was 10lbs 14oz and Hudson was 11lbs 14oz.   Amelia got 3 shots, and the doctor did confirm that the rashy looking mark on her back was a birthmark.  She said it may get larger/raised but then should fade by the time she’s older.  

I love seeing familiar features and characteristics she has of her brothers.  Her nose and mouth remind me so much of Porter.  She has Ryan’s eyes.   She smiles like Hudson.  She has Porter’s pointy little chin.  Her face shape is like Hudson’s.  She is active and strong like Porter was as an infant.  She likes to have her blanket beside her face and covering one eye to fall asleep.  Hudson slept the same way.  She despises being swaddled- same as Porter (Hudson loved being swaddled all the way up to 6+ months).  She eats slow and “grazes” like Hudson did.  She’s notorious for eating 2 ounces and being content for an hour or two and then wanting the last 2 ounces of her bottle.  Like Hudson, she hate having a wet/poopy diaper.  For the first few weeks I thought she took after me quite a bit in looks, but lately I see SO much of Ryan in her features.  I think she’s going to have his dark brown eyes and dark dark hair.  I’m so excited about that!  (though I was slightly excited at the though of possibly having another blondie! I miss Hudson’s bleach blonde baby hair!)  

Her hair on the top of her head fell out weeks ago, and just this week its been growing back in pretty quickly.  It is dark!  She also recently found her hands and has been putting them in her mouth.  I wonder if she’ll become a thumb sucker?  I’ve never had one of those.  

I’m absolutely in love with having a daughter.  Its a dream come true, really.  I’ve been introduced to the cutest girl clothing lines.  Matilda Jane.  Garnet Hill.  Livie and Luca.  NaartjieKids.  Kids Fly Too.   I’ve already scored a few cute pair of See Kai Run’s from eBay.  This girl is going to have one fabulous wardrobe.  Wait… she already does.   Its my newest addiction.  Little girls are so so much fun.   I keep telling Ryan we need to have one more baby… Amelia needs a little sister 2ish years apart from her like Porter and Hudson have each other.  We need a little Norah Lucille in the family!!  He’s not on board.  Not yet. 🙂  We’ll wait until she turns 1… that’s when he turned to mush with the boys and was begging me to have another baby.  Heh Heh Heh.   

Amelia Jane has earned her share of nick names in her short 2 months in our family.  Ryan, his dad and the boys call her AJ at times.  I call her Meels, Meelie, and Meela.  We all find ourselves calling her Sis, Sissy, Sissy-Boo, and Sissers.  I also sing her this song when she’s grumpy… to the tune of Cruella Deville…. 

“Amelia Jane, 
Amelia Jane, 
Why do you have to 
be such a pain?”

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