Falling apart to fall together

So, today I quit my job.  It wasn’t something I planned or really thought about, though Ryan and I have briefly discussed me not returning to my current position this fall, and I really didn’t believe that things would come down to this.  In hindsight, it probably was a long time coming.  I should have made the break a few years ago but was holding onto the security and false hope that I’d be hired in full time.  I have lots of thoughts on this (and will share on my private blog because there are things that just don’t need to be public) and have mixed emotions.  

I really honestly would love to be a SAHM (at least part time?) but I’m not sure our finances can support that.  

I’ve talked about pursuing photography more, actually marketing and “working” (rather than just sitting back and letting clients come to me… which has been fine thus far).  I may do that and pray that I can create some sort of consistent income for us, though I could always fall back on subbing part time if I need to supplement.  

I just don’t know.  I guess in the long run this blip will be a blessing in disguise.  Maybe it will allow me more time with my babies.  Maybe this is the direction God is wanting for me… to allow me to follow my passion in photography… to get in touch more with my creative side.  Maybe there is a full time teaching position out there that is meant for me and had I not quit I wouldn’t be opened up to that opportunity.  

Time will tell.  I know regardless all things will work out for the best, God always provides and we are never given more than we can handle.  

  1. Accck Amber…. I will have to call you and fill you in because I'm still so angry and shocked. I probably should have made the break a few years ago but it wast until now that it was certainly clear I'd never be hired in full time.

  2. For what it's worth, even though it was tough, I think you made the right decision. I hope this new “freedom” you have will be jut that – freedom to explore, to dream, to find out what God really wants for you. And I hope it brings you peace and happiness as well. Hugs!!

  3. Nic: You have some courage! Love your positive outlook and I believe there is a plan for you!! WOW! ^-^ Pretty surprised by this one!

  4. You know, I worked a job that I hated for 8 years because of the financial security. But after the twins were born I went back part-time and eventually got laid off because they needed someone full time. And looking back, it was the absolute BEST thing that could have ever happened to our family. Sure, it wasn't ideal financially, but it allowed me to be a happier person and gave me the freedom to do the things that I had wanted to do all those years working. I have no doubt that you will be blessed because of your decision. Just trust in God and he will lead you where you are supposed to be. Besides, you are one of the BEST photographers I know & I think it would be awesome for you to be able to pursue that more because not everyone has your natural talent. Good luck & know I'll be praying for you that everything works out the way it is supposed to. 🙂

  5. i agree with denise! maybe it is hard to see now, but really … you have to believe that big changes like this are meant to be. there is a quote somewhere that someone really awesome said (i can't remember it word for word), but my dad shared it with me when i had been moved from a job i really loved to a new position. it was something along the lines of 'often, we spend too much time looking at the door that closed that we don't see the new opportunities opening up in front of us'. or something. if you google it you'll see the real quote from someone awesome. haha! but it's true. you totally could ROCK the photography scene and if you tried you could make that your bread and butter. i know it. but if you want to still teach, i'm sure the doors will open. either way, i'm thinking of you and hope that it all shakes out for the best. and in the meantime, those kids will be so lucky to have a little more of you to themselves. ps. if booze was safe to send in the mail, i'd totally send you a bottle of wine. 🙂 i kid, i kid!

  6. thinking about you. i am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and i think in no time at all we'll be reading about how happy you are that you did it. and i for sure think you are talented enough to do crafting full-time if you find a niche! and of course the photography. i am SURE you could be really busy if you lived around here 🙂

  7. “When one door closes another opens. But we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we fail to see the one that has opened for us.” – Alexander Graham Bell

  8. Didn't mean to post that right away…. but yes… that quote has been on my mind lately…. and at the top of a change management communication document I am writing at work…. so when I read this blog post… and Jenny's comment below… I thought… holy crap it's a small world… and “great mind” Jenny! Great quote and appropriate for you girl. Move forward. Look ahead. Take the good out of this and don't worry about the bad. Proud of you!

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