Just some randomness

(aka: things I don’t have a lot to say about but want to write about anyway)

  • I got an old antique steamer trunk and I’m not sure what to do with it.  It is pretty large.  Its not in super great condition (I think it has 1891 dated on it?) but I love it.  I thought of using it as a coffee table but it is kind of tall (well, a little taller than our coffee table).  Maybe just use it to store quilts in?  It stinks inside though…
  • I seriously think I have adult ADD.  Right now I”m in the middle of SO many projects!  I’m hooked on this “Jackson For Sale Board” on Facebook and have crap in piles that I want to get rid of (but don’t want to have a damn garage sale).  We have a couch in our dining room that needs to go!  My back yard/driveway is full of wood and paint and sawdust (see previous bullet).  My laundry is never ending.  I just cleaned our living room carpet this evening so our living room is now discombobulated.  GAHHH!!
  • I really don’t love the age Amelia is right now.  I mean, I love that she’s smiley and so cute and more alert… but she can’t sit up or really entertain herself much so I end up holding her a majority of the time that she is awake.  This makes for some very unproductive days when she is being super needy.  (she isn’t really a needy baby, but there are days that she cat-naps and in-between is kind of fussy).
  • The past 2 days Hudson has been donning a tie with his t-shirts.  Quite random… out of the blue. So, you’ll find him with red painted nails and a tie.  He also like to wear mis-matching flip flops.  Nice.  I love this kids quirky style, and he’s so confident about it too.  

  • Cricket, one of our female rats, has a tumor.  A mammary tumor.  It is HUGE… and literally came out of nowhere back in April.  So, in 2 months it has gotten ginormous.  What do I do?!

  1. I started a little “Facebook Page” called The Reclaimed Canvas… I’ve been making signs out of reclaimed wood…. some from pallets, some from fencing, some from reclaimed hardwood floor.  I’m having a blast.  I definitely have a artsy itch to scratch right now!
  2. I really keep thinking I want a 4th baby.  AM I NUTS?  I’m nuts.  Officially nuts. However, that urge is slowly dwindling… I hope once Amelia is a little older I’ll feel happy with saying “done!”
  3. I’ve been reading 50 Shades of Grey series. I’m in the 2nd book.  Holy heck.  These books…. uhm.  HAHA!  Yes they’re uh… detailed… but the storyline is also quite addicting.  These two characters hook you in and you just have to find out what happens with them!  They’re practically polar opposites and are infatuated with each other, fall in love yet have to find a middle ground where they both are comfortable in their relationship.  Its just… addicting.  You know how sometimes you have that friend who is in a shitty relationship and you know all the scoop and you just want to tell them what to do to fix it?  Well that’s how I feel about this book… totally wanting to make these characters see what they each need to do to make things work, but its like I’m on the other side of a one way mirror and they can’t see/hear me as I tell them why things aren’t working out! LOL! 
  4. I’ve been hanging our clothes out on the line to dry… I love being frugal like that.

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