Hot Air Jubilee

I remember as a child visiting the Hot Air Jubilee, and even driving around town chasing hot air balloons on occasion.  Our weekend was jam packed and Porter and Ryan were at a Tigers game when I decided at the last minute to take Hudson and Amelia to the Balloon Lift Off.   We were in town already, and in Ryan’s truck, so I called Marleen to borrow her stroller and then we headed to watch the balloons.   
Of course since it was last minute I didn’t have my camera, so these are all from my iPhone (Oooh see, Heather… perfect example of a good reason to get a smartphone!! 🙂  )  

And, while we were enjoying the balloons (and sitting on crispy, dry grass, dusty dirt and ant piles… because, you know, this was last minute and all…), the Ry and Poe were doing this:

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